4 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Team H- WOW (Encore)”

  1. Oh million thanks to all beautiful eel sis for subbing n uploading????????
    I was waiting for this part only sis..
    Waaaahh the year end will b rocking..
    Ok will download all the team h videos after returning from work today.. Thankuuuuuuu❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Watching it for the 3rd time now.. waaaaah..
    How many times did Suk play it?? HAHAHA.. The choreography for all songs is too good..
    And I m loving the bond between SUK, BB n all dancers.. They all r enjoying as if its their home.. no pressure for performance..

    And I also shared Monologue videos and also the Dakishimetai song with my non-eel friends too.. They r also copying Sukkie’s wow wow steps.. waah I m so happy..
    And for Dakishimetai one of my friend also said “Priya, Im loving ur JKS rock ballad too much, playing it repeatedly”.. yeaaaaahhhhh…

    • Priya_India: This song has a great beat, and it’s just fun! I am surprised not to find any videos of eels (or non-eels like you have) dancing to these steps in a line.


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