8 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Team H- WOW”

  1. A million thanks to every eel for uploading all these videos with subs.. and specially for WOW WOW..

    All songs of Monologue r my favourites n my no.1 was kiss me?, then paradise, paradise remix, zombie(both versions), save me firework, feel u, my story.. all.. But after the bts video of wow wow practice dance, I have been listening to WOW WOW almost everyday repeatedly.. waaaahh..
    Heard all of them on repeat mode yesterday only..

    But Suk has made me obsessed over his fav WOW WOW.. His shoulder movements looks best even good than the choreographers too..?? And they also included that sara iso sara ine steps.. huhu..?
    Really wow wow is my no.1 now..
    Eels did a great job uploading it.. I just pray that more n more ppl can see these steps n hear this rocking song..
    These seem like signature steps of our PRINCE.. we can proudly say this is only our song our dance.. dance of Prince n eels.. I personally want these steps to spread like virus everywhere.. hihi..
    And I don’t know dancing at all still I dare to copy his shoulder movements n sara iso sara ine steps with my headphones on.. it comes naturally.. hihi..??

  2. Waaaahh the lyrics r solely inspired from our PRINCE, right??
    He is different, he is the hottest star, the masterpiece n whatever u do u can’t stop falling for him..
    Oh wow how could we have understand the lyrics without u all..

    I love the way suk is singing the song by changing his voice..
    And how come eels can always synchronize with JKS let it b go back sweet home or driving to the highway or WOW WOW!! Daebak eels?

  3. Sis sorry for demanding but can u upload the WOW WOW played in the end of the concert where the dancers pulled Sukkie’s shirt??
    That was much more fun.. Suk played it so many times, right?? Really want to save that part.. plz..

  4. All his songs are my favorites and I have listened to them hundreds of times, but this song, this funny lovely song has mesmerized me beyond reason.

    Every word is true about him and the fact that he knows he is irresistible is just endearing.

    Love this song too much!

    And he is the best thing that has happened to my eyes, ears and mind!


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