[News] Japan TBS’ re-make of “You are Beautiful”


Japan TBS is going to make their reproduction of “You are Beautiful”. The role of Hwang Tae-kyung will be played by Tamamori Yuta of Kis-My-Ft2 (top right-hand corner).

The other actors in the cast are 泷本美织 (Go Mi-nam), 藤ヶ谷太辅,HSJ的八乙女光, 片濑那奈 and 高岛政伸. Apologies for the current lack of their names in English.

Jang Keun Suk has passed this message to TBS on the re-make:

“Hello, I am Jang Keun Suk. Feel very happy that Japan is making a reproduction of “You are Beautiful”, especially with Tamamori Yuta of Kis-My-Ft2 who will play my role of Hwang Tae-kyung. Looking forward to it. I will support their original performance. YAB, Fighting!!!”

Translation by princess_eko @ KeunSukChina


张根硕全球中文网 [留言]11.05.18 张根硕给TBS翻拍美男的留言~阿年哈些哟,我是张根硕。 这次对日本翻拍《原来是美男啊》感到非常高兴,特别是由Johnny’s组合Kis-My-Ft2的玉森裕太来担当我所扮演的黄泰京的角色,十分期待。我会支持有他们自己特色的演出。“原来是美男啊,Fighting!!!”翻译BYprincess_eko

25 thoughts on “[News] Japan TBS’ re-make of “You are Beautiful””

    • In our hearts, Hwang Tae-kyung can only be JKS ….
      Ya, YAB is very very popular, and it has been shown 4 times in Japan already, so I don’t understand why they must make a reproduction – isn’t the original one good enough?

      And earlier this year, there’s also talk of a Chinese TV station wanting to reproduce YAB in China…. all the Chinese eels are against it too, especially as that TV station is known for producing poor-quality drama that will only damage YAB’s reputation ….

      • Sukkie is definitely the one & only one HTK as the scriptwriter, The Hong’s sisters custom made the script just for Sukkie.. he acted so well in Hong Gil Dong (also scripted by the Hong’s sisters) that he is offered YAB as the main lead.. like what some directors said about Sukkie, instead of him fitting to the different roles in dramas, the character in each drama is JKS himself.. really he bring out each character in his drama with his unique acting skill & charisma…

      • u know, i think (and maybe u all agree with me too) that it’s because JKS really puts a lot, a lot of work into preparing for his character.
        That’s where his professionalism comes in.

        Think I read an interview before that JKS can spend a few months preparing for his character.
        … my 1st thought was, what? a few months? What is there to prepare? …. Don’t actors just memorise their script and then just go in and act?

        So that was when JKS impressed me very deeply with his level of professionalism.
        As he said before, he’s the one who creates each character from scratch.
        He puts so much effort into each character, starting from how the character thinks, behaves, personality etc ….

        JKS is the one and only actor whom I really admire for his professionalism …. there may be other good actors out there, but JKS is first in my heart and in the hearts of many fans, and truly, he is worthy of our love and support!! That’s why no one else can do the job better!!

      • Totally agree with aphrael & all fans here. 🙂
        JKS is the BEST star and all the hardwork & professionalism that he has put in really is worth all my attention and support!
        Totally love JKS acting the role of HTK!! 🙂

      • Love this scene so much!! Thanks QQeyes007!! Hahaa! 🙂
        I often carry my Pig Rabbit and best it’s butt in the same way! hahaha!

      • crazyoverJKS, heeee.. I can imagine the pig rabbit must have got many “pat pat at the backside” already since you watched YAB LOL.. I almost bought Sukkie & Suni during the Cri-show S’pore but when my sis & myself looked at the price tag, we said we can make many paper dolls of Sukkie & Suni ourselves with the same $ ^_^

  1. I’m against it too.
    Dont spoilt the role of HTK cos only one person can carry that role well.. and he is
    one and only JKS.
    Why must do a reproduction isn’t the original is all the BEST.

  2. A sequel is usually not as good as the original. Worse so, this is a copycat. But please be patient and wait, Tamamori-san may show a different vibe of HTK, or he may further proof that our Prince is the best in the world. I feel sorry for him because HTK is a tough role to act, especially eels will compare him with our one-and-only Prince J.

    • ooh, i will definitely watch the 1st episode of the Jap version, of course, to compare it with the original! haha~!

      and yes, i don’t envy Tamamori-san … can understand his pressure in having to compare with JKS …. but since he has accepted this role, that’s something he has to cope with!

  3. I saw in the “behind the scene” of YAB, JGS did mention that he would like to consider acting in YAB2 if there’s a good script and good crew members. He and his other AN Jell members missed YAB ending too. They too, felt very sad to leave after YAB. And JGS said that this hair (HTK’s straight hair with the front fringe covering the right eye) is for my fans as an appreciation.

  4. *sigh* I posted a big ANTI-post and it disappeared lol oh well, I’m against it! HTK = JGS, he gave life to this character! Now that I’ve slept on it, and I’m calmer, I can say that I will definitely check the japanese version because I’m curious (and maybe JGs or even PSH will make a cameo -heh a girl can dream lol) and the girl who (I think) portrays Go Mi Nam is very cute.

    But the original will forever be the best in my heart!


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