6 thoughts on “[Jap magazine] Korean Wave 45”

  1. Hello to all JKS fans here, guess what! I saw Nature Republic store at Parkway Parade shopping centre! 🙂
    For a moment i was shocked and almost went crazy rushing into the shop… cos i thought i can see JKS posters in there.
    But the sad thing is…. the model for Spore is not our dear JKS. It is Rain instead.
    I think only Japan is using JKS, but nevertheless for those who are interested in buying Nature Republic products you can find 3 outlets here in Spore.
    Parkway Parade, Junction 8 Shopping Centre and Jurong Point Shopping Centre. 🙂

    • i thought u were going to say u saw JKS standee outside nature republic. ):
      sadly its rain that i saw too.. why dun use JKS?

      • Hahahaa…. if they use JKS as their standee here, i think i will need to sneak into the shopping centre after the operating hours to steal the standee! hahaha! 😀
        And i bet i will bump into several fans at 12midnight! hahaha! 😀

    • Yeah ! miss the arrogant side of him ……Kwang Tae Kyung role, looks arrogant from outside but with soft hearten deep inside


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