18 thoughts on “JKS in Asian Countdown Hello Korean Star Part 3/5”

  1. Thanks aphrael for sharing these videos & Thanks to Ladymoon for the subs. 🙂
    JKS looks so cute with his curly hair! Hehehee! ;p

  2. I love it when he sings songs impromptu on the spot! Love his voice, even without any musical accompaniment!

    • Yup Yup! Totally agree!! 🙂
      I was amazed at how well he sang that sentence just like that!
      No music in the background, no instrumental help…. and he just sang it like there is! Oh My!! His voice is amazingly good! 🙂

    • really charming with his curls (better than us girls in curls, envy!) and that voice of his in the most natural state..gosh!

  3. and he wants to act the role of a crazy or dumb man? …. …..

    whatever it is, I’ll watch!! I need to go take a dose of his drama …. haven’t seen his acting in a long while …. i want to see “You’re my Pet”, I want to see his next drama after YMP … can he act in a few dramas all at the same time, so I can watch them all?? …haha ….

    • isn’t it wonderful that Sukkie’s first love is acting & he said he would like to hold a script in his hand till the end… really addicted to his acting & dramas/movies as only Sukkie can make me watch his dramas many times without getting tired, same for his songs ^_^

      • Yes, and only JKS can make me want to see a movie / drama that he has not filmed yet!!

        Never wanted to watch other actors so much, in fact none that I can recall wanting to watch ….

    • Hahahaa…. i’m already trying to picture him acting as a crazy man. 🙂
      And i believe it will be quite hilarious if it is a comedy! hahaha!
      As for dumb man, i think i came across a video in YouTube previously showing him doing sign language for some show. But i am not sure what show is that.
      So once again, i have total confidence that he will do his best in whatever role he needs to. 🙂

      Same here, how i wish i can watch YMP now! Arghhh…..
      No we have no dramas to watch… only can repeat his old dramas for the time being. But i don’t mind. hahaha!

  4. Come on gals, d conclusion is everone of us here will be supporting JKS whether his drama, movie or music. ……. coz we r all crazy over JKS 😉


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