17 thoughts on “… Sexiest pic in Asia Tour 2010”

      • I saw a 10 part asia tour video of jks at youtube, like a documentary video. But it’s not english subbed:(

      • ic, the one with Japanese subtitles…. I have watched it as well. Some of the Kanji in Japanese has similar meaning in Chinese and therefore it helped me to guess what JKS saying….haha…

  1. Ohhhhhh so gorgeous and hunky. Just cant wait for 4th June to see him in person. Like Carol70 said afraid might faint or go crazy screaming with tears and hair pulling the moment he appears on stage. Going to have plenty of sweet dreams with so many arrrrhh (no word can express) pics of JKS…….. Thanks Aphrael77.

  2. omo…
    actually this is not his hot body..
    but this is the 1st skinny body that successfully made me drooling…

  3. Thanks… I decided to put this as wallpaper. My crazy friend puts her poster on the ceiling above her bed, so that whenever she opens her eyes in the morning, she gets to see him “on the ceiling”. He is really hoooooooot and cuuuuuuuute!!!!


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