[Whereabouts] JKS at friend’s birthday party

Credits: 조선희 Twitter
Shared by: KeunSukChina

JKS at a birthday party he helped to prepare for a friend (noona).


7 thoughts on “[Whereabouts] JKS at friend’s birthday party”

  1. I can see that his hair is shorter! I am seeing momo suk here! hahaha! and the shooting of you’re my pet starts on may 17 (according to seoulsisters@fb)!

    • Hi cottoncand_y, ya i can see his momo look too! So cute!! (^__^)
      Yup yup, i also saw seoulsisters update in fb today the filming will start on 17May. Yeah!! So looking forward to it! 🙂

      • i guess there will be pictures of them tmr for their praying session! can see sukkie again! so so looking forward!! 😀 i think im falling deeper n deeper for him as days goes by. going crazy already! haha!!

      • Yupz…. all of us are going crazy over our dear Prince Sukkie! 🙂
        And everyday i am just like waiting and waiting for his latest news, photos & videos etc…..
        So glad to have aphrael’ blog, i think i must give Aphrael a BIG KISS/HUG if i see her one day! Hahahaha!! (^o^)
        Aphrael, you are our doctor to JKS’s virus lah! hehehe!
        Thank you so much for all your hard work & dedication to maintain this blog of yours. Love ya!!! 🙂

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