[Mag article] Jang Keun Suk realizes dream of being a singer

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After a year, the beautiful guy still retains his charm. Earlier, JKS came to Hong Kong to hold his fan-meeting. Besides the many fans who turned up at his fan-meeting, wherever JKS went, he received much support, evidence that this beautiful guy has his attractiveness.

From “You are Beautiful” to “Marry me Mary”, JKS has been acting the role of singer. In real life, he also has a dream of being a singer, and this year, JKS has finally realized his dream. He released his debut album in Japan and has achieved excellent results, once again proving that with determination, dreams can come true.

Motivation from fans

Jang Keun Suk loves his fans very much, and his fans are also known for protecting him, especially Hong Kong fans who are hard to forget. “Hong Kong fans are really very passionate. Last year was my first time in Hong Kong for promotional events. While I was midway through dinner at a restaurant, the police came. I was asked to leave without finishing much of the food, because many people were standing outside the restaurant and even on the road obstructing traffic, so the police asked me to leave. Also, after the successful performance last year, I went to celebrate with my team and became a bit tipsy. The paparazzi took some photos of me. At that time, in order to protect me, some fans almost got into a fight with the paparazzi, haha! So I want to remind the paparazzi to be careful, because my fans are really awesome.”

Besides supporting their idol, fans also did many things which made Jang Keun Suk feel touched. “Like this time, fans donated towards the Japan relief efforts in my name, some bought bus advertisements for me and sometimes give me drinks and biscuits. All these warm my heart.”With such considerate fans, it’s no wonder that JKS wants to keep his promise to come again to Hong Kong to thank his fans!

The reward of singing

Having acted as a singer or musician in the past, many mistakenly thought that JKS was a singer, but actually he was an actor until this year when JKS can claim to be a singer too. “Being a singer in drama and in real life is really different. During acting, all the scenes are pre-determined; the actor only follows the character. But as a real singer releasing my album in Japan and topping the sales chart after a couple of days, this phenomenon is even more dramatic than television and incredible. I am more touched by this, because this is not pre-determined. This comes from my hard work. I feel very fortunate to receive everyone’s affirmation.”

His first album release has also made JKS recall his first public singing performance. “I kept that video. That was when I was 21 years old. Just thinking of it is horrifying. At that time, I didn’t have my own songs and sang someone else’s. To be able to stand on the stage then was unbelievable. I was so nervous and my mind was a total blank.”Now JKS is of course calmer when it comes to singing, like his Cri Show in Hong Kong this time, his every gesture and pose exuded a singer’s demeanour.

Friendly as ever

Despite being a Hallyu idol, JKS continues to be friendly. In Hong Kong for his promotional events, he often smiles and makes people happy.


25 thoughts on “[Mag article] Jang Keun Suk realizes dream of being a singer”

  1. i’m happy to know his feelings toward his fans….
    no wonder many eels love him…
    and i salute the fans who protected him from the bad paparazzi…
    tnx for the post

  2. My thoughts come a bit belated in relation to the post on fans’ stalking JKS and his reaction (http://jangkeunsukforever.com/?p=4446#comments). I know many will disagree, but I’d just like to say it anyway … …

    Before we condemn all such fans for tailing JKS everywhere, I think they (and including me sometimes) have our uses. I understand that in the West and Japan, people respect the privacy of the celebrities, which is all very good. I applaud that.

    But the fact / trend in Asia showbiz (especially the fans’ tailing part) is that if a star is not followed by droves of fans everywhere, then he is simply not famous or popular. I didn’t create this trend (perverted as it may seem); but that is the fact currently. We can compare ourselves to the West etc… but the reality in Asia is, if no fans follow JKS around, then he is not popular.

    1. Background in Korea

    JKS was possibly referring to fans tailing him (assumably often) in Korea, he got fed up and told fans to stop it. This should be last year or earlier (I don’t know the story firsthand). Since it’s something he told Korean fans, he wouldn’t have expected other fans in Asia to know about it.

    Understandably in his home country, if JKS faces stalking every day, he would have gotten fed up.

    2. But we are talking about his Asia tour, where he spends only a few days in each country and frankly speaking, where he expects to be followed because it is his concert tour and a working trip for him.

    In Asia while on his fan-meeting tours, did JKS ever show that he was irritated and angry with fans following him around?

    For JKS, a third option exists. He knows he has influence amongst his fans. All it takes is one word from him, and that will stop the majority of fans from following him around because we don’t want to incur his anger. Why has he not told Asian fans what he told the Korean fans?

    Look at the incidents in Hong Kong that JKS mentioned – the “passionate” fans in HKG who followed him around, followed him to dinner and paralyzed a street while waiting to see JKS. How did these fans show their “passion”? By following him around! To dinner, to clubbing etc.

    Since his Asia tours from 2010, did JKS ever say to fans in Hong Kong and in Asia, “please stop following me and causing a disturbance?”

    After his first Hong Kong, street-paralzying trip, when JKS went back to Korea, he shared this street-paralyzing incident at a Korean (Arrirang) interview as a “memorable” incident. It was all these “passionate” fans’ tailing that gave him this “memorable” incident, frankly speaking, to show Korea and even other countries how popular he is. All these “passionate” fans is evidence of JKS’ popularity. And before they / we get condemned, JKS has not spoken a word against these actions yet.

    3. I think there is a difference between stalking and following him around (… LOL… ok, I’m just arguing, I can’t put my finger on it, but I still feel there’s a difference….) We are not climbing over his fence or engaging in serious trespass of his privacy…. Fans are just following him around and looking at him

    My argumentative side says that if JKS or any celebrity has a right to appear at that public venue (be it restaurant, club etc), then other people have a right to be there too (haha~).

    4. Collective decision / Collective action

    Rationally I understand the principle of respecting others’ privacy etc. Many wrongs does not make something right.

    Even if I make a decision not to tail JKS around at his FM tour in a certain country, it defeats the entire purpose when there are dozens of other fans tailing him around and not facing any admonishment / warning from JKS himself
    (JKS is known to be friendly or congenial etc to these fans who follow him around. Of course there are situations and incidents when he gets tired of the tailing and enacts a desperate escape. Then this is the time usually that the fans get the message.)

    And in the end, tailing JKS is not something that will stop just because a few people say to stop this. Either JKS issues the ultimatum, or we wait for the day for all fans to make a collective decision, because in this case, one fan’s right action does not make a difference.

    • he is a good person, he knows how to appreciate his fans despite..i have never seen an actor translate his incovenience to a nice and passionate way, i applaud him.

      i dont like to to mention other actors but i see some famous actor’s videos and he’s always have that “annoyed” look when he comes out of the airport.. JKS is not like that..

      although this is the price he has to pay to be up there, but his kindness still comes out, and i am grateful for that 🙂

    • And celebrities like him visits or goes to your country once in your lifetime or if your country was part of his tour so it is understandable that fans are tailing him whenever he is because it is their chance to see him in person. We should take note that not all fans have the capacity to watch him & go to his fan meets in every country that holds it.

    • Hehe actually I agree with u Aphrael. To me, it would be quite worrying if no one follows him. As long as eels are able to sense that JKS is happy & smiling during that time, & does not overly invade his privacy, I think & hope JKS wun mind us following him 🙂 ur thots gave me some comfort, cos I was still thinking whether to follow him in kl (within reason of cos) keke

    • wahhh ^^ thank u so much for the analysis…i thought so too!
      well, at least if he’s here, i will tailing him whenever he go…..hahaha….

  3. haha I like thus part of this article especially the part he say to the paparazzi lol

    “The paparazzi took some photos of me. At that time, in order to protect me, some fans almost got into a fight with the paparazzi, haha! So I want to remind the paparazzi to be careful, because my fans are really awesome.” “

      • Aphrael77: agree with you on some facts like drooling at him! hehehe! me too, I would do that when I see him in person…kidding aside, we couldn’t deny the fact that there are also immature and aggressive fans out there who are uncontrollable of their emotions.And also paparazzi who pursue celebrities for the purpose of taking candid pictures without taking into consideration of one’s feelings and privacy…

      • Sorry, i don’t have. I was just channel surfing when i saw the arirang segment. Aside from eng subbed kbs channel, it’s the only english-korean channel i have. There’s a 10 pm showbiz korea tonight, not sure though if it’s a replay

  4. Our prince is a very filial and thoughtful person. He is asking eels for suggestion for present to give to his parents for celebrating their 25th anniversary of marriage. Congratulations to JKS’s dad and mom! I believe JKS is the best and the most precious present to you ^^

    • he is sure a good young man & that is one reason i like about him being respectful to seniors & parents…I’m sure glad to see Sukkie grew up happily in a closely knitted humble family though he is the only child & I think so far he is the only star I come across who don’t mind having his parents traveling with him around his Asia fan meeting as most at his age would feel uncomfortable having parents around them.. this really show his strong family bond ^_^

      • yes, he loves his parents …. he moved out to live on his own for a few months before, but moved back in with his parents … there is no place like home ^^

    • Congrats to JKS’s dad & mum! His parents are so sweet! Like parents like son! 🙂

      @QQeyes007, now that you mentioned, i just realized his parents will travel with him all around. Wow! JKS really is a very filial son! 🙂

  5. Aphrael i agreed w you till certain extend…esp. no one follows him means not famous lol… Very very correct. But i can’t tail him till v hours, my hubby will chop me off hehe. For KL Cri, do inform me his itinerary if u hv… can joint or c him during dinner time. Mayb he doesn’t like fans to tail him during clubbing coz he will b hottie…& dun want photo taken w drunken face

  6. Agreed – he is a good, kind hearted and adorable young man. He loves his fan and
    adored them just like them to him. Sometimes we must also give him some breathing space no doubt we like to see much of him especially after a year and we really missed
    him. Knowing Prince J, he will never get annoyed with his fans, always showing his sincere smiles which makes our day. Never know that his parents are always part of the entourage for his fan meeting. Good and filial son. Keep Up Sukkie and wish you


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