[27 April 2011] Japan TV show

Credits: Sukbar

Thanks, QQeyes007! I saw the Jap original video but must have missed out the Chinese subbed one. Really had much fun subbing this, cos I was looking at JKS’ beautiful smile throughout … ^^

And anan magazine editor really has superb taste for choosing JKS to be on the cover!
That’s why that issue had record sales! And that magazine staff they interviewed was spot on too, in describing JKS’ unique charm.
I particularly like that part where she said for a long time, they haven’t seen anyone with the kind of charm that JKS has …
That’s our unique and lovable Sukkie!

8 thoughts on “[27 April 2011] Japan TV show”

  1. As a matter of fact, this broadcast got poor reviews among Japanese eels.
    Not because the broadcast itself, but because the dubber didn’t fit to JKS’s nice voice… 🙁
    We all want to hear his real voice!!!!

    • I was thinking the same of why the dubber voice sounds so serious heee..but aphrael77’s translation & Sukkie’s smiles save the whole vid ^_^
      Thanks aphrael77 for the fast translation, though I understand Chinese sub, it is great you can translate and share this cute vid with more eels, really appreciate that…

    • Yeah, I was wondering why there is a need for voice-dubbing when there is already Jap subtitles….
      We want to hear JKS’ voice too!

  2. even a man said his cute n sexy , this really make me smile thanx for the eng sub aphrael.I’ve been waiting for a looooong time to know what they said he he..

  3. gosh he already looks like that and he doesnt bathe?? how much more if he does!! lol kidding 🙂
    as cute as always, more that a puppy, our JKS =D

  4. Lol “how to bee jks ?” 1.dont bathe ( really lol) 2.drink wine (I’ll join you lol/what kind whine he like?) 3.shave ever 3 day (that’s how he keep his face clean and shine lol)
    Love him 🙂


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