[News] Jang Keun Suk calls himself a beggar prince

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5 May 2011 – Popular Korean male star Jang Keun Suk visited Hong Kong at the end of April. He attended events at the mall and held his concert. Crowds amassed wherever he went. Hong Kong women see him as their Prince Charming, but he laughed and said that he is a beggar who tries hard to become a prince. He revealed that he admires Shu Qi and does not mind a relationship with someone older than him.

JKS has pretty delicate features and personality-wise elegant and humorous, totally a Prince Charming but it is not easy to be one. He said that in order to maintain a slim figure, he has to diet throughout the year. “Usually I eat mainly vegetables and will try to avoid oily pork and beef. The most important tip is to eat less but have more meals. In Korea, I carry a lunch-box around with me. In it is chicken breast, egg and salad. Sometimes my mother prepares it for me and sometimes I prepare it myself.”

During the interview, JKS ate a banana on the spot to replenish his energy. He even said worriedly, “Although I’ve been maintaining the condition of my skin, with the passing of time my skin condition is not very good, sigh!” Pointing out that not everyone can be a prince, JKS took a dig at himself, “I am a beggar who continues to work hard to become a prince.” A serious and modest guy.

Partner selection criteria: Feminity

Every girl dreams of getting married to her Prince Charming, and JKS’ selection criterion is very simple: the girl must be feminine. He did not specify any appearance requirements, but likes girls to wear dresses and be gently graceful and weak to evoke his protectiveness. He likes well-known actress Shu Qi because her eyes convey a sense of forlorn-ness which makes him want to protect her. He claims that he has seen Shu Qi’s acting since young and feels that she is very attractive despite the fact that Shu Qi is older than him by 11 years. JKS says, “If I really like a person, I don’t care whether she is older or younger than me.”

JKS is not against an older woman-younger man romance, and will be acting out such a romance in his new movie “You’re my Pet” which will be filmed soon. Recently, Kim Ha-neul disclosed several photos of her and JKS on her Facebook depicting a sweet atmosphere between them, which increases the anticipation towards their romance story.

Not committing to any month for fear of breaking promise

JKS has held his concert in Hong Kong for two years running. At the end of this concert, he promised that he will come again to Hong Kong next year, but he will not commit to a fixed month like Taiwanese band Mayday, because he is an actor and every acting project consumes a lot of time, so it is hard to commit to a certain month to visit Hong Kong.

Last month, JKS announced his plans to venture into Southeast Asia in the main identity of a singer, because album production takes a shorter time than an acting project. With an album, JKS can organise fan meetings and increase the opportunities of meeting fans. Now he is busy with preparing his first Korean album that is set to be released in the second half of this year.

But he has not abandoned his role of an actor. “Last year, I said that I want to conquer the world as an actor. This year is the process for me to realize this dream. Now I am still a bit far from achieving my dream, but in order to achieve a dream, there must be gradual steps. I am now doing what I should do at this stage.”

Source: Hong Kong newspapers 香港文汇报Interview & text: Chen Min-na 陈敏娜
Photography: Mo Xue-zhi 莫雪芝
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36 thoughts on “[News] Jang Keun Suk calls himself a beggar prince”

  1. Haha~! I finally know what’s the secret to JKS’ slim figure – veggies!
    but it’s very hard to stick to a diet mainly of veggies … don’t think I can do it…. really salute JKS for his perseverance to his diet!

    And so funny that JKS ate a banana on the spot during the interview!
    He’s really so spontaneous, fun and humorous ^^

    … so much news to digest …. so now the list of things to buy has just gotten longer: his Lounge H the first album, upcoming Korean album and Chinese album …..

    That guy is always so busy with lots of planned projects – I hope he achieves his dream soon! I want to see more of JKS!!

  2. He needs to sells alot of things to pay off his latest purchase the 6 level apartment complex!

    I like this interview although i dont think he needs to diet his already skinny… But eating healthy is good.

    You knw i think his gonna end dating/marrying a non-asian…

    • I think he’ll end up with a Korean girl (no cultural or language barriers and also cos he’s quite a traditional guy) ….

      or a pretty Western lady is also quite possible!

      …or all the aspiring pretty gals from various countries! … LOL ….

  3. well i agree with you …he’s a kinda busy person but i hope he will not skip his meals though….hope to watch him in malaysia….i will go to korea soon but i guess im not gonna see him there coz of his lots of schedule around…..i will just watch him in malaysia….goodluck to our prince…. and soar high!!!

  4. This article falls under ajumma radar. Lol! Doesn’t mind if the girl is older as long as he likes. And he’s not batting an eyelash on the 11 yrs difference. Wondering if he’ll balk at 15 yrs gap. Haha! Have to ask if he won’t mind married women. Rawr!

    definitely the girl must be on the femine side. Don’t want him to be prettier or more feminine esp he can carry girly blouse fairly well.

  5. Will he be having a FM in Korea too? Anybody know when ? yes, he is really an “open” and ambitious guy but I dun think he will marry someone older than him inhis actual life….. coz being a super charming, glamour, handsome/beautiful, rich & famous etc…. his mum (i mean our mother in- law or if i’m his mum, hmmmm) definitely will not allow this to happen. I will object upright ! JKS listen to omma, date PSH. BTW Tree J, the J means Jang?? How about Tree, means what?? Park… PSH, hehe. Something fishy here…..

  6. That’s what I meant thats his gonna date/marry a western chick lol

    At first our mother-in-law (his mum) will object but if she doesnt want to lose him she will have to agree on whoever he ends up with!

    If its Tree J than i guess J means JANG, Tree could mean branches into different career paths: singer, actor & director?!

  7. Aphrael,

    Thanks for translated to us, so we understand the news 🙂
    He really open to answer the question that’s make more people like him.
    i have some opinion with you about his end up girl :)…
    Maybe i will repost this article in en.korea.com & will inform u the link.

    Thanks ^_^.

  8. Wow! I would prefer him marry his first love. Remember, he was faithful and broke off with her. He was very sad and cooped up in his house before he get over it later after a month. I wonder if he had another chance to be with her again. He mentioned she was brown and fleshy. But I think he likes western type-features like big eyes and small lips and sexy!!! I saw in one of his vids, he was talking lovingly to his girlfriend. I saw her face in his phone very pretty. He was very sweet and loving to her. He likes to be pampered……. da lala….

  9. Hi danielle, video??? There is a video of him talking to his gf????
    Wow! Where Where Where?? I wanna see! hehehe!
    Can share the video? ;p

  10. I agree with aphrael, deep down Suk is a traditional guy. More likely than not, he will end up with a pretty Korean girl. The next highly likely possibility i think may be a Japanese. Age-wise, I think abt the same or older. I can’t imagine him wz a much younger girl. Whatever it is, I hope his choice will be someone who can match his humour and wit.

  11. i have forlorn-ness eyes! LOL!! Yeah…quite agree with aphrael…maybe he’ll end up for korean or japanese girls…no language barrier. Though when it will happened, I still support for his career 🙂

    • I got a feeling he may have his own band for Korean album…after having his own company, own building…he should go for his own band so that he can have a band to play to him as he sings LIVE with LIVE band…
      I have seen one earlier vid of Sukkie which he sings live for audiance with live band by a group of talented senior actors (really an unusual combination as they acted together in the movie Happy Life which I saw this on DVD..a touching story of a young man & his dad’s good friends love for music)
      (WARNING : please lower the volume for this vid at the start as it is loud if you’re using earphone as it is live rock music ^_^)
      (1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHQ1VuznsAM

      • Thanks for the video….
        Really enjoy seeing JGS in a manly character….
        JGS Rocks….!!!

      • this is one of my favorite JKS vid.. he’s so hot and sexy here.. and his not too thin here.. hope to see him like this again very manly.. 🙂

  12. ok taking notes:
    -older women ok, check
    -pretty, check
    -soft features, working on it
    -elegant, check
    -humorous, sometimes
    -wear lots of skirt, going to buy more


    • LOL ….

      wow, u got a check for pretty, I’ll have to put myself down as “minus” in that category … XD

      and remember the weak part, u have to portray urself as a fragile lady in need of his protection!! 🙂

      • well we are all pretty in our own little way, if i dont think im pretty then who else will? 😉 what the heck, yes i am gorgeous =D

  13. hahahaha i can imagine how my husband will react if i start acting feminine and weak and start wearing skirts everyday LOL

    • Cri…. u r really funny 🙂 No one in this world is so perfect….I will be working on all your listing except one, older women which I’m qualified… haha

  14. Dear, you can see from the vids from the behind the scene of YAB, remember the Gominam’s Generation Dance. All the Anjell dressed as gals but put on wigs. When interviewed, JKS said I don’t have breast. Ha! Ha!

  15. speaking of ahjummas i remember seeing an interview of JKS during YAB too and he was asked who he likes, Go Mi Nam or Youie, he answered “go mi nam’s aunt” hahahaha Ahjummas RULE!!

  16. may I join the Ahjummas group?
    I was wondering if I was the oldest fan of JGS, then I read all these comment,
    hoorayyy, I’m not alone. My point is that I’ve been picturing JGS as my son as in way they have some similarity!! Okay so now you know, I have no wish to be JGS’ significant other, but could I be his surrogate mother, please…. please….please??

    • Haha!!! That’s a first! Then we’ll call you ommeuni! Hope you don’t hv an aversion of daughters in law who’s the same age as you or maybe even older!

      • sorry girls, beside a son I also have a daughter…. I have a notion of having JGS as son-in-law… my daughter is really pretty and cute n at the right age for JGS… hahahahhahah, wishful thinking.
        They call it: ngarep.com
        But seriously, my daughter is just JGS type…

      • But he may not be your daughter’s type! He’s certainly MY TYPE!!! Wahahaha!! I can fit myself to whatever type he wants me to be!! So, ommeuni, your daughter’s just got to join the VERY LONG queue! (psst aphrael, don’t let out that I’m a mom of four ok!)

  17. that’s the catch… knowing JGS as my fave star, my daughter steer clear of him and goes for Hyun Bin instead!!!
    Ok, enough of wishful thinking….. just let me be JGS eel…
    (Psst…I’m not that old to be granny yet… ahjumma sounds nicer, right??)

  18. hello all, maybe what he wish to have in the girl maybe will be opposite to what he wish for? you know we always end up having the opposite. Haha. that somehow happens to me. what do you guys think?


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