[App update] Tree-J’s new office

Credits: mimilovesuk @ Sina
Chinese translation: Miyuki_JKS
Thanks to soulmate for part of translation

——————- App message ——————-

新的tree j 办公室 感觉好棒!
New tree J office!! It feels great! sooooo big!! hehehe

——————- End ——————-

Aphrael77’s note:

Tree-J has moved to new office premises! In the new building that JKS bought?
An official notice should be coming out soon!

23 thoughts on “[App update] Tree-J’s new office”

  1. wow!…such a great accomplishment for JKS…he’s really soaring high and higher and higher….hmmmm i think he’s really into planning this huh! ..this isn’t a joke, he’s really been discerning about this and i hope this is gonna be one of his plans for the future , for his wife to be and for his own family…..weeeeee…so happy for you JKS…..hope and pray for you and PSH….love you both….

  2. Wow I really have to salute him for buying his own office at this age, especially when it is so expensive. 😀
    Congratulations too! 🙂

  3. If Tree J , the J represents Jang, then how about Tree ?? Is it represents “park”……..Park Shin Hye, haha

  4. Heyyy! Just curious! Im sure u guys know better than me.. ive been trrying to google abt TREE J bt to no avail. does it belong to JGS? or his parents perhaps??

  5. Congratulations to a very hardworking guy like you!! You deserve all these blessings!! May this new property bring you more projects for a very long time? Will there be a place/gallery where your fans from around the globe see representation of your works? We sure hope so. Please come to Manila!!

  6. by the way ..i want to bring something for unat sukkie….can i possibly locate his place?in seoul?’i’ll be coming from QATAR..SOMEBODY HELP ME PLS…

    • You can try and ask Shiro White on FB. or search for her blog page shiro401… Do read her blog. Very interesting!

  7. I do like the Tree-J logo, really very unique, won’t be surprised if JKS designed it himself 🙂 anyone knows?


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