[Magazine] Issue 9 of “Fans Big World”



Issue 9 of “Fans Big World” has a feature on Jang Keun Suk, where he shares behind-the-scenes stories about his debut Japanese single and latest movie “You’re my Pet”. Topics range from the type of girls he likes to life philosophy.
Not as the identity of Hwang Tae-kyung or Kang Mu-gyul, JKS is releasing his own personal Japanese album. Do you want to know his thoughts about singing? Do you want to know his perfect girl? Please look out for issue 9 of “Fans Big World”


Aphrael’s note:

Can’t get my hands on this China magazine!
And its freebie is a big poster of JKS, design indicated by black arrow above!! T.T ….
Have not seen JKS poster with such a prim and proper look….

For more pics,

@歌迷大世界 《歌迷大世界》09期已出刊~“小帅”张根硕大谈自己首张个人日文专辑以及最新电影《宠物情人》的各种花絮,小到喜欢的女生类型,大到人生哲理,张根硕的“完美”对谈尽在09期《歌迷大世界》!


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  1. Aphrael, d posters i mentioned earlier to u also very prim & proper look. One really kills me….”manly” version. Trying to send d photos to u.


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