6 thoughts on “[30 Apr 2011] More pics from Hong Kong Cri Show”

  1. Reperture seems pretty much the same as in Singapore. Glad that he looked tip top condition, probably having recovered well from the cold after the one week rest.

    Ivy, if you are really keen to go for another FM, then I suggest the one in Korea (assuming he is having one) or the dinner celebration next year. If you had seen one of his earlier fan meetings before YAB, he made mochi and distributed it one by one to his fans in a close reception. After MSOAN, he also attended a dinner organised by his local fans. That means that he had a group of fans who followed him for a long, long time even before this phenomenal international success. Thus he should be closest to the Korean fans, simply by virtue of having known them for a long time and enjoying their support and encouragment through both the thick and thin of his career. Plus it being his home ground, familiarity with the fans and in his native language where he is most comfortable, the domestic FM should showcase his BEST performance. Second to that should be Japan. A successful FM/Show is also dependent on the people Keun Suk could work with and how much planning and involvement he could partake in its execution.

    • not sure if he will have another FM in Korea (i missed the 29 Jan FM and LH in Seoul……)
      the dinner celebration is next year!!

      And it is not a good time to visit Japan this year ….


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