[A chat over drinks 3] Jang Keun Suk “Want to act together with Yoo Ah-in”

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Original source: 일간스포츠 (Daily Sports)
English translation: Hazy Lee from ECI
Edited by: tenshi_akuma

JKS message for Luner New Year : Happy New Year~
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Q&A from above picture (Credit: Mandy Pan from ECI):

1. Songs I like to listen lately is by (Kim Gun Mo)
2. Best partner I worked with so far is (Ha Ji Won)
3. Happiest thing for me lately is (Daebak)
4. Saddest moment this year (none)
5. I will (shout crazy sound) when stressed.
6. If I am not an actor, I will work (with car-related) jobs
7. I must work with (Yoo Ah-In) again
8. (People) are my most precious.
9. Dark history I want to erase is ( ) – blank
10. Handphone short message in main page is (Psycho-J)
11. Favorite variety show is (Produce101)
12. I will rather die than eat ( ) – blank
13. If I’m given one-week holiday, I like to (go camping in the mountain).
14. The first thing I do when I wake up is to (search for my news).
15. My most important work is (Daebak)

Continuation from article 2:

– You overcame the discussion on tax issue.
“That’s right, although it has been repeatedly clarified previously that the Company has settled the issue, but the public felt I was hiding from the media, yet, I did not choose to shout out ‘I am innocent’. On the contrary, I was very determined at that time.”

– You were edited out of ‘Three meals a day’ as a result.
“I met PD Na recently. He said we should work together on the next show. Till now I have not watched ‘Three meals a day’ yet. (laugh)”

– You are considered the pioneer in Hallyu stars.
“It is a double-edged sword. There are many who are Hallyu stars and are successful as actors, however come to think of it, are titled stars only. Seniors Choi Min-sik, Song Kang-Ho and Sol Kyung-gu are not named stars. Only the local actors who are successful overseas are called stars.”
– Was it you who wanted to be a child actor?
“I am full of passion since young, my parents could see it and helped with the connections. I had strong determinations then, and would come to Seoul via local lines. I took the bus alone back and forth school since primary 3.”

– Any advantages or disadvantages of being a child actor?
“Everyone would feel differently I guess. For me, I thought it’s good. The experience from young helped shaped me and laid the foundation. I couldn’t escape then and faced many difficulties, but I managed to survive and all turned out well.”

– Would you dislike being tagged as a child actor?
“In comparison to other child actors, I don’t think I was as successful, I felt I did better as an adult. Although the public said ‘looks good looks good’, but in fact, nobody remembers the works from my childhood days.”

– Why do you think you are unpopular among guys?
“There isn’t a role where guys could relate to. The only 2 are ‘Beethoven virus’ and ‘Itaewon Homicide’. After that it would be drama types like ‘You’re Beautiful’ and ‘Love Rain’. Till today, guys who saw me would still tell me ‘really like your acting in Beethoven Virus’.”

– Do you go clubbing often?
“I am no longer a clubbing regular amongst the artists these days. Clubs are danger zones. Incidents, accidents happened regularly. I rather invite people whom I know to my working studio to drink while playing loud music.”

– Zion T’s song ‘Yanghwa Bridge’ is similar to your personal experience?
“It is my song. Dad a driver and mom a dishwasher. I have no siblings, the only child. For their son, they came to Seoul with merely 200k Korean Won and worked hard. Looking back, I had the idea to work hard and earn money since young.”

– Any actor you hope to work with?
“Yoo Ah-in. I got to know him since young, he achieved great success last year. I hope to work with him as a co-star in an acting project.”
tenshi_akuma’s note: Here’s the link they worked before in a CF.
– You will be enlisted this year?
“Absolutely. There is no feeling of anxiety prior to enlistment, and I felt normal. I think it’s fair. I was working in the early twenties when my fellow university mates of the same age completed their enlistment. They have all graduated and started working, and now it’s my turn to get enlisted, but I don’t feel edgy or anxious at all.”

– Goals for this year?
“Domestic use. I had previously focused on overseas activities, I hope to reestablish my name locally this year. To regain my self-esteem as an actor.”


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21 thoughts on “[A chat over drinks 3] Jang Keun Suk “Want to act together with Yoo Ah-in””

  1. You are a very very gifted actor Suk …too good to be wasted on Idol dramas..in my opinion.
    Don’t misunderstand for I love all your work but some of the co-acting are sometimes too much and can be very distracting ..
    I’m very happy you get to act in a good and mature drama again so you can show off your talents

  2. Thank you as always for your efforts on translating . It’s very much appreciated since most of the articles are in Korean 🙁

    I’m here and there, running around asking other eels where I can find the translations of the articles…heheheh…..Thank you~! You guys are always so excellent at this!

  3. Thank you so much Kaori & Hazy for your hard work!

    I would love to see him work with Yoo Ah In too! I can just imagine these 2 as bad boys oozing so much appeal they will overshadow the female leads kkk!

    Anyway, I hope this year will be Sukkie’s successful come back as an actor and Daebak will be the breakthrough he’s been waiting for in his homeland.

  4. Thank you very much for the translation
    Truly appreciated. We know lots of eels are always looking forward to all his articles
    Our prince have matured a lot. He is living “the life”. Good luck JKS. We are always by your side.

  5. I really think JKS is a supremely talented individual. I have loved every drama of his that I’ve watched and never felt his performance lacking in any way, he really becomes his characters and draws you in completely. He is a beautiful singer and so obviously intelligent, I am totally amazed by him! I also think it is a great shame that anyone, media and public alike, would blame him for that tax situation, because if they gave it any real consideration they should realize he would not be doing his own accounting and would have a financial team handling that business. I look forward to the new drama.

  6. Love him always for his honesty. All ur dramas n movies r superb. They bring smiles on many sad faces, inspiration to many distressed n the only way 2 love u wherever u r. These r precious. U r a true gem. Be strong dear. Thanku so much for these articles. We feel more closer 2 him for ur updates. Thanku..

  7. This is such a great interview. Really frank and confident. I am certainly looking forward to this year!

    Thanks Hazy and Tenshi for all of your work on translation! 🙂

  8. the honest, determined, strong, focused JKS inspires everyone with big dreams.. for me the most loved thing about him is he doesn’t let fame go unto his head. he remains humble always so its wow, double wow, whatever comes next WOW.. we will always back you up with Prayers. may our Almighty GOD showers you with HIS Blessings, keep and guide you always….

  9. Thank you for the translation of this interview. Its always so great to read about our JKS!!!
    He is just an amazing smart and funny guy. He just knows how to answer any question that is thrown at him…he is just a professional. I love him and I hope and pray for more success and blessings for him. Take care always and be healthy and smile always!!! Zikzin!


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