14 thoughts on “JKS iPhone app pic update”

  1. I don’t know why, but the app installed on my iPhone doesn’t work well.
    I can’t check this message 🙁

    sob.. sob..

    • Ya, I totally can’t access any photo or movie, although I am official paid fan member. If anyone can access, please teach me. Thanks

    • Hi tenshi,

      I have not heard of anyone saying that the application worked well, so it didn’t work for many, many people.
      It is hard for us to feedback this to Tree-J because we don’t know Korean.

      Would you be able to let Frau know to tell Tree-J and JKS that the iPhone app is not working for almost everyone else in China, Singapore, Taiwan etc?
      And ask them to fix the problem? I don’t even know whether JKS knows that there are problems with the app…..

      • Dear aphrael,

        OK. I see that every eel has the same problem.
        So I ‘m gonna tell this problem to Frau.

      • I think I am considered lucky then. I managed to see photos from this app. But not movie and event because I am not official fan club member, i guess.

      • Thanks for sharing, I have tried to log out and re log in, now I able to see photos, but movie and event still not able to see, wait the better update later.

  2. I just realized There are updates version of JKS dated 20 Apr11, if you purchase before 20 Apr 11, pls go to update, then log out and in again, the photos will be looks much better, but stll no movie and event.

    • It’s true that the update version has released a few days before,
      but in my case the situation doesn’t seem better…

  3. I’m sorry that I haven’t received the reply yet.
    Probably Frau must be busy because today is JKS’s CD debut day in Japan.

    To be honest, I haven’t got CD yet though I ordered it from long ago…
    I’m looking forward to getting his CD in my hand ^^

    • There is one photo updated in the app today. A basket of flowers to congratulate our prince’s debut.

      Finally, I have received an email from HMV Japan informing me that the CD has been despatched. Hope I can receive it physically in Singapore soon ……

      • I want to purchase the application, but i saw from many blog that it was not work. that why i still have not purchase it. Do update.

  4. Finally I got the reply from JKS Japan Fan Club!!!
    They said to “Tree J” about the problem.

    I don’t know the connection, but since yesterday my app has worked well.
    I can send him a message and see photo menu ^^


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