12 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS & BB out for a drive”

      • I know he likes Audi. His sports car shld be Audi model. Something like YAB car that he drove. The pic seems like he was back in Korea.

  1. His sport car is a Porsche. If you look at his Hawaii trip videos, he drove his Porsche to the airport when he left Seoul. In the last photo, I wonder if the police saw him talking on the phone while driving?? Prince – you should use hands free while driving – it is safer.

  2. by the way asked hubby what kind of a car he’s driving (hubby’s into cars) he said the side mirror looks like a mini cooper?

  3. Actually Sukkie is driving his white porche…said that when he drives around Seoul
    he drives that and just to let you guys know he’s talking to Shin Hye. That is near their place and he just can’t wait to see her even if it’s already midnight. I so love these two.


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