[News] JKS 20th Anniversary Dinner Show in Korea

* Updated 25 Apr, 1.54 pm

When Jang Keun Suk returned to Korea on 24 April, he told Korean fans at Incheon airport that in commemoration of his 20th anniversary showbiz debut next year, he will be holding a dinner show in Korea which will be conducted in two parts. The Chinese translation of the news is not clear on when the dinner show will be, or what the first part is about. But the second part will be Lounge H event.

Fan’s conversation with JKS:
Fan: Is your cold all right already?
JKS: It’s not all right T.T Do you know it’s my 20th debut anniversary next year?
Fan: Yes
JKS: I have something to say, I want to have a dinner show, and the second part will be LH.
(Fans go wild at hearing this news)
JKS: It will be held at walkerhill.

饭: 感冒没事了吧.
硕: 有事..T T
硕: 知道我明年就是出道20年吧?
饭: 知道啊
硕:我有话要说,我想开个dinner show,然后第二部为LH.

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  1. Are you planning to attend it? How I wish I can go for it…. I think I have to learn Korean first so that I can understand what he talks to eels……

  2. Aphrael, once the date for the dinner show is confirmed (will be next year), let’s organise a trip to Korea to support and see JKS?? I actually plan to go Korea this year but will KIV my trip to next year.


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