17 thoughts on “[Fan Account] From Aphrael77 at Marina Square”

  1. you all did a good job, the dance surely made him surprised. He smile through the event despite tiredness, uncomportability, his smile made us forget all sorrow of life.

  2. you all did a great job and the event was very memorable. Keun Suk looks great and is charming as ever!

    One thing to note though, heard my frens from the back taking dslr pics of him that duriing the last few rounds of the photo session, he seemed abit more tired and less jovial. i think the organizer should not have asked him to come up and go back stage and up again 10 times for each photoshoot. he should have been able to just stay on stage with security guards covering him (maybe near the MC standing or etc), then he will not waste so much energy going up and down, n it is tiring doing that 10 times

  3. you did awesome, from the chase at the airport to the dance and to making sure you share it to all of us who are *patiently* waiting 😀 thanks so much!

    i commend sukkie for being a great sport too.. he must be super tired but still he appreciated everybody’s effort and made sure to show his best all the time..

  4. *squeaaaaaaals* He looks so beautiful in these pictures!! I’m feeling so sorry for him, it must be so tiring, I know how it feels to just come down from a plane, tired, but then you have to smile, you have to act friendly,… But he’s so professional kudos to him!!

    Aphrael, reading your fan account feels like a dream lol

    Thanks everyone for the pictures!

  5. He must be really tired yet he still manages to smile and make his eels happy..while reading your fan account I feel like I’m also there seeing him in person..thanks for sharing it to us..somehow we feel closer to him..^_^ Take care!!=D

  6. Nice dance, I was just looking the vid over and over again and curious where Aphrael is…can you reveal it???hehehe..anyways thank you so much for always updating us about what happening during the photograph session…As I go reading your blog, I really felt the happiness and excitement during that event…Two thumbs up with you guyz for the great effort…..gud luck and looking forward for another blog for tonights concert……enjoy!!!

  7. Aphrael, thanks for the updating so fast, I always admire eels’ work, they contribute their time and effort, makes us fellow eels love him even more.

    I have very enjoyed last two days chasing our prince with you, although stand two hours waiting in the airport, I just catch seconds of his presence, then hopeless of searching his car in expressway, never expected we can spot his car.

    Just like dream to me, accompany him to the hotel lift, but I did’t catch his smiling face. Until we were at Marine Square, he is totally different when he watched your show in stage, love his smile!

    My loss in airport was totally wiped out, during photograph he just stand behind me, so if I don’t hold his hand I will never forgive myself, not only once, but twice!

    I will continue to buy his ticket as long he is coming to Singapore, hope oneday I will get his autograph ticket! But airport greeting may be the only time in my life.

  8. I heard that he has flu now.
    (I was so surprised at the fact posted by JKS.)

    He is not in good condition, but he is so professional and perfectionist that he forces himself to perform well.

    I really worry about his health.
    I’m sure that his health must be the most urgent and crucial thing.

    I wish I were him….

    I really hope for his recovery from symptoms as soon as possible.
    I want him to get a rest as long as possible for his quick recovery.

    • Yeah, the undercurrent of the show was tat we know JKS is sick hence I felt he was not as jovial as previous Singapore FM last year, I was also feeling quite worried n concern tat he still got to perform while nursing a flu n he mentioned he got to go to hospital to get a jab 🙁 But he was soooo professional n responsible to deliver a truly outstanding performance tonight! Make me respect him so much more 🙂 JKS hwaiting! Get well soon! (”,)

  9. Aphrael, thanks for sharing your account and photos. I was also at the airport at 1pm and so got a real good view/glimpse of JKS when he stepped out of Gate 32 at about 3.05pm. I didn’t take any photos (although I have my camera with me) as I want to see JKS with my own eyes , and not through my camera screen. So, I really appreciate all the photos that were shared on this blog.
    I was also at Marina Square throughout the entire autograph & photo-taking session. I didn’t manage to buy the tickets for these events, but was happily standing downstage watching him – I could see him very clearly as I was standing where he walked up and down stage 🙂
    JKS is the first idol who makes me do “crazy” fan stuff like waiting at airport and the shopping mall just to see him….. but at the end of the day… I am really happy that I did it!! 🙂


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