[Pic-2] JKS with photographer, Zo Sun-hi

Original source: zo_sun_hi Instagram

The 2nd pic with Keun-chan. We’re eating a local specialty of Han River, hand-made ramen now~~ Wow~~ A knockout~~ Can’t believe only me who haven’t known until today!! If only there were soju here…
#Keun-chan #Knockout #Han River #soju

근짱2탄 우리는 한강고수부지 명물 끓여주는 라면을 먹는 중~~ 와우~~ 대박아이템일세~~ 나만 몰랐네!! 여기 소주만 있으면 짱인디…

14 thoughts on “[Pic-2] JKS with photographer, Zo Sun-hi”

    • Is his hair messy? NO WAY! To me is perfeeeeeecccct! And that look with those beautiful eyes…..PRICELESS !! lol

  1. sukkie! why oh why every little thing you do you always looked good i like that kind of messy hair though…sooo cute hehe 🙂


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