20 thoughts on “[2015-08-04] Jang Keun Suk Weibo”

  1. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my dear Jang Keun Suk!!!

    May this year be successful and productive for you…
    May you find peace and happiness in every things you do…
    May you stay strong and healthy both mind and body…
    May you always meet and associate with good and loving people…

    Wishing you all the bests in this world!!!

    P.S. I might not write I LOVE YOU everyday now, but I still love you everyday in my heart!!!

  2. My Sugar Plum, HBD and Many Happy Returns to whatever you have wished for, love, good friends and companies,succeses in your study and work. I will always be with you.

    • It was for eels. 🙂 When he had the Zikzin Man Show in China for almost a year ago, eels said to him that he should say “I love you” to eels every day. So he sent “Sarangheyo” on Weibo next day, and again a couple days after that. Yesterday he did it again. 🙂 He has over 18 million followers on Weibo. So you can imagine how it was. He got almost 10000 “Iloveyous” from eels in a couple hours. And he still gets replies. 🙂

      Suk loves his eels, and we love him back…we love him even more.^^

  3. May God bless you with all the beautiful things your longing for so long. I hope you will find your way finally in this world and be happy. No matter how many sorrows or endeavors you have to encounter, I am here, always by your side, as I promised. I would be ungrateful if I say you did not the same. Like a sunshine you light my life, you brought warmth and happiness and most of all, you brought a sense of safety and confidence…you make me feel like home…Being together these past years, I learnt a lot and I discovered a new me: I found out how wonderful I am! You have strengthened me…YOU, beautiful soul and true heart, your sincerity, everything of YOU…you have covered my whole being without hesitation. Embraced like that you said:”Let’s make a beautiful future TOGETHER!”. The power I felt then was so intense that all I could do was TO ACCEPT. So now, the two of us are on this journey climbing the mountain on our way to the top. It’s a long road full of hardships, but together things looks much easier, isn’t it? And we are brave, too; we had the courage to embark on this journey, knocking on the doors of tomorrow with confidence and excitement. What it will bring to us? We don’t know, but we are willing to accept. To live what it is given… You, my butterfly, you are brave! You did so much: for me, for others, for you…You transformed into a beautiful man. A true one. A man who stands high for himself. And I’m glad that you gave me the chance to be part of that transformation, to be a part of your life…Then? How not to LOVE YOU!? I do LOVE YOU, my dear man, I DO!!! Happy Birthday!!! You deserve all the best, don’t forget that! So, smile, Sukkie, smile and shine bright: you’re wonderful, too!!!


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