8 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS visited Zikzin shop in Japan_20150802”

  1. So Sukkie really makes himself very visible during his birthday season… Then if it only could be his birthday all year round, so be it.

    Maybe there is nobody here who will ever get tired of following his every single precious moment which i believe on the contrary will always consider it a welcome treat instead.

    Its none other than Tenshi who has been tirelessly bombarding us with his activity updates and whereabouts since the very ist day of his birthday months? She sure knows how much Sukkie is being missed by his adoring Eels.

    Such very commendable loyalty, dedication and hard work- again with all Sincerity will be FOREVER grateful to you dear Tenshi and Company!

  2. Oh, he is now in Tokyo, and just a day earlier, he was still in Seoul. This time around, there was no airport sighting unlike his departure to Hawaii.

    Wonder if he’s going to celebrate his BD in Japan or he’s on a business trip. Regardless, here’s hoping he’ll post pics on twitter all the cakes he’ll receive during his birthday carnival kkk.


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