[9 Jan 2011] Ole TV Interview

Credits: Baidusukbar

Q1. What are your feelings towards this Ole event?

JKS: It is my 1st time in Thailand. I feel nervous. Thanks to all friends who came today. This Ole event is a stage for more people to know me. I feel happy. We finished the commercial yesterday, and had a happy collaboration.

Q2. How was the filming atmosphere yesterday? Any interesting incidents?

JKS: Very happy. Worked with a discerning director. The commercial plot is good, with good music and good dance, and I wanted to display my full potential. Lots of effort has gone into the making. I hope I can come again.

Q3. Heard that you ate many Ole sweets during the filming. How is the taste?

JKS: Very delicious. During filming, I ate so many that I gained weight, so I’m a bit worried and I have to diet again. But it’s very delicious and I wanted to give a piece each to my Korean fans. Upon hearing it, the Ole director gifted me with 100 kg.
(Host comments that JKS has not gotten fatter, rather may have tooth decay before getting fat.)
[translator’s comment: Are they trying to promote the sweet, or discourage people from eating it?!]

Q3. How is your first trip to Thailand?

JKS: Delicious food, great weather and the swimming pool. I like summer very much. It’s snowing in Korea and I’m happy it’s summer here. I like somdum very much (raw papaya with sour and spicy mix) and want to eat it every day. I like soups too, and had tomyam this morning. If there’s kimchi here, I wouldn’t feel like returning to Korea. Just joking, I want to return home.

Q4. Do you know how to speak Thai?

JKS: I made notes. [says a few Thai phrases] – “I love you very much”, “you are mine”, “love JKS more”. [looks at host] I just want to say, “you are mine”. Joking! … Really, if I come back to Bangkok, I don’t want to return to Korea…. Joking!

Host: Maybe you can stay here … as a comedian!

JKS: Then I have to change job!

Host: [asks audience] Is it better for JKS to be a comedian?

Audience: [no]

Host: It is better for JKS to remain an actor.

Q5. Let’s talk about your hairstyle.

JKS: I tried many hairstyles during drama filming. I like my current hairstyle best – just tying it back simply. I also like short hair, which is more manly. I may cut it a little when I go back to Korea.

Q6. How does it feel when hair gets into your eyes?

JKS: I usually tie it up. It looks better this way.

Q7. How do you feel about the atmosphere at the airport?

JKS: I’m really surprised by so many fans, this being my first official visit. There was nearly an accident; it was lucky no one was injured. Initially, the plan was to have dinner after exiting the airport, but I wanted to say hello to my fans, so we changed the schedule and decided to use the normal route out of the airport…. My top priority is fans’ and everyone’s safety. It’s ok if I get injured, but if someone else gets injured, I don’t know whether I can go out the next time. I’m worried about causing a trampling accident. If everyone maintains orderliness, I can walk closer to them.

Host: Not good to have accidents. So JKS would rather himself get injured than fans?

JKS: “Rolen” (joking).

Q8. Do you know the meaning of the pink bracelet you’re wearing?

JKS: It represents the health and longevity of the Thai king. I think this is a form of respect to the king. I told my fans and they also bought one to wear… … Who is wearing one now?

Q9. Please share about your next project.

JKS: Next week, I’m going back to Korea. I have … to do something, that’s why. Going to Japan for DJ show, and then, commercial, and then, I’ve got an Asia tour this year. Maybe I’ll come back to Thailand again in April, and I hope that everyone will come and enjoy themselves. … … And then, I;ve got some news. Actually, this Ole is sugar-free, but eating all of it, no problem.


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