13 thoughts on “[Pic] After CRI SHOW III in Tokyo (Nippon Budokan)”

  1. That’s the way I like you! Smiling and happy and content… Now I think it’s time for a rest, ya? You deserved it after this great performance. Ok, my dear Suk, keep doing a great job, but keep having fun and rest too. I <3 you! :-)))

    • Perfectly said, IamZero. It’s so nice to see that peaceful look on his face – this is an especially sweet photo. Have a lovely rest, dear young man, and thank you so much for all of the enjoyment that you bring to us 🙂

  2. All smiles and milky skin… hehe. Hope he has started receiving scripts for a new acting project. His avid drama fans are eagerly awaiting his comeback. 🙂

  3. Always here to support you in everything you do i love your music, movies and drama
       I wish you all the best and i hope to see you in a new drama soon
       Always love you and always on your side in everything you do.

  4. ((yes,he’s makes the world Livable)) his smile is everything it makes a really a bad day ,bad mood horrible people that you want to hit or even strangle them.
    his smile Melts all of that, just seeing his smile and his beautiful eyes
    he is a man that makes any thing better jest by being there
    (((((JKS is simply love )))))


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