4 thoughts on “[Pics-3] JKS returned from Haneda to Gimpo after CRI SHOW III_20150604”

  1. Hello Sukkie!

    What’s up – feeling destressed and relieved that the overwhelmingly successful CRISHOW 3 run is finally over and done with… We definitely share the happiness you so obviously display in these images even upon arrival to Gimpo airport. Bright and sweet smiles that cannot be denied with that gorgeous mask on.

    We could only wish for your sustained personal joy, safety and God’s more blessings each day our dear Sukkie…

  2. His eyes are smiling and at the same time caress your soul… He smiles from the heart! He has a big heart, a welcoming home for all eels.
    He said now that his heart is home for eels but I always felt that! <3

  3. i miss you asia prince! i miss him a lot, hope he’s fine and having enough rest. And i’ve always been waiting for his sns update, its been over a month already. -.-


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