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  1. You look completely tuckered-out, dear man! I’m sure that by now you’ve gotten some badly-needed food and rest. Your schedule seems to be pretty grueling, so please do everything you can to be kind to yourself 😀

  2. Congratulations Sukkie! Definitely looking much better here as compared to when you just flew in from Korea. Japan really seems like very therapeutic to you Sukkie because of the instant transformation whenever you set foot in the land. You appeared so beat and harassed yesterday at the airport arrival..

    Can’t you just stay there for good – then maybe life could be less complicated?

    Be safe and may God bless you more each day…

    • As the last leg of the JKS CRISHOW3 is about to start any minute now, and with all said and done, we wish you nothing but still of course the best of the best of everything our dear Sukkie…

      Savor every little bit of THIS ANOTHER BIG MOMENT with your adoring EELs who have once again shown you how much they care and support you no matter where you go or whatever you do – REGARDLESS.

      We love you and will always be there for you. God bless…


      And most of all – Go Cri

  3. He seems very tired from the show, he needs to take a good rest. It’s really worth it that the show ended successfully. Congratulations Prince JKS. Stay healthy and strong.

    Yes, he looks better now compared to his mood when he departed from Korea. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  4. Hi dear Suk. I’m a moslem & We have a big ceremony today,so we are really happy because of this. I want to divide my gladness with you. I was pursuing your news & watching your success. I’m glad to see your happiness. I wish you touch a real,deep,great happiness in your heart & be healthy all the time & achieve to all of your goals. So I pray for you in our most important day. Although you don’t know anything about our celebration, however, I say,”happy Shaban fifth.”(With best wishes)
    Also I say hello to Tenshi. Thank you for your efforts to inform us about JKS. Thanks a lot & be happy.
    Then I say hello to his fans. Have a nice day.

    Keun Suk, Just Do Your Best in all your life. 🙂

  5. Yes. I agree miss ur drama. Please come back n acting sooon……. wish ur totally new character on the upcoming drama keep FIGHTING


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