[fan-cam] JKS departs from Gimpo to Haneda for CRI SHOW III_20150601

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2 thoughts on “[fan-cam] JKS departs from Gimpo to Haneda for CRI SHOW III_20150601”

  1. Everyone is excited to see our prince. Lots of people are running next to him. But I noticed Sukkie is a little sad, hope he’s fine and healthy. And I’m wishing that the final 2 shows will be very successful too. Fighting for our dear Prince. ZIKZIN!!

  2. Yes, there were really a lot of eels on Gimpo this time. I`m always grateful for photos and videos, but it`s not easy for Sukkie when everyone rush after him. I think he was maybe worry about that. The airport should organise it better, like they do in Japan.

    I wish I could be in Budokan today! I know it will be amazing. Will you be there, Tenshi? Are you maybe going tomorrow? I think I have read before that you will be there. Have a great time! 🙂 Hope you will write fan account again. Always love your FA`s.


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