10 thoughts on “[fan-cam] The venue before JKS Lotte fan meeting starts_20150530”

  1. Dear Ms. Tenshi, I realized that I don’t know if Tenshi is your given name or if it’s your family name. Because you always take such wonderful care of all of us Eels, I feel like you’re a virtual friend whom I value, and I’d like to call you by your given name if that’s OK. Would you mind telling me if Tenshi is your given name and is Akuma your family name,or do I have everything all mixed up? I hope I’m not being disrespectful by asking these questions. If I am being disrespectful, I sincerely apologize. by the way, my given name is Christine 🙂

    • Hello Christine, my given name is Kaori. tenshi_akuma is my blog ID, but I’ve used it before I knew him.
      Tenshi and Akuma (Angels & Damons) is a set of words. Like his monochrome theme, there are two sides; black and white, light and shadow. Coincidentally Suk described himself using ‘tenshi and akuma’ sometimes, and there are many lyrics using tenshi and akuma in his songs. I’ve come to like my ID name more since then. I usually don’t use my ID ‘tenshi_akuma’ separately. But my friends call me tenshi as it’s common for them. So you can call me Tenshi or Kaori as you like. But please don’t call me Akuma XD hehehe

      • Thanks so much for your very sweet response, Kaori! Not only do you explain things so beautifully, but you also make your posting come alive by adding your personal thoughts to the info that you post – you really do have a poet’s soul 🙂 I see lots of ‘Tenshi’ in you, but not a single drop of ‘Akuma’!

  2. Yeah a fan-cam! of the MAY 30th !! i’m so excited. I always LOVE to see him again to our God of RAIN.
    sukkie looks so handsome. he even looks so sexy, charming, handsome and cool with his innocent and simple style. because he looks good with any style.
    Thank You

    • I’m excited want to see more of his “Touching Our Heart” fan meeting in Seoul and also know what songs and how much songs? Sukkie sang.

      I would have liked being there 🙂 sharing that special FM and special day with our Sukkie.

      • According to twitter, the set list was as below.
        1. 淡い雪のように (awai yuki no yoh ni; Fragile like snow)
        2. 夜明け前 (yoake mae; Before dawn)
        3. In my dream
        4. My Precious
        5. ひだまり (Hidamari; Sunshine)
        6. Turn Off

      • WoW Cool, Jang keun suk singing “In My Dream” on May 30th. Slayyyyyy Day!!!
        the LIST is AWESOME!

        Thank Tenshi for sharing the list.

    • Gift Valentine DVD is ranked 4th place in Oricon charts. GREAT!!
      30th May Touching OUR Heart fan meeting. AWESOME!!
      i’m so proud of him. congratulation Jang keun suk.


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