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Mr. Jang Keun Suk… I interviewed with him in Korea last year on this day!

tenshi_akuma’s note: Please check the related post and his English subbed interview video ^^
[flash news] JKS interview with @DJtaba (deputy editor of JOSEIJISIN)
[Pic] JKS interview with @DJtaba (deputy editor of JOSEIJISIN)
[Video] JKS interview by JOSEIJISIN (no-subbed)
[Pics] JKS in ‘JOSEI JISIN’ magazine_20140603
[ENG-SUB] JKS interview by JOSEI JISIN_20140603

15 thoughts on “[2015-05-29] @DJtaba twitter”

  1. I wish he could interwiev him again. Always love Sukkies interwievs.

    And I want to share my happiness. I got Team H in Seoul DVD 3 days ago. It has english subs!!! I think I have already seen it a 100 times. Hehe 😀 Sukkie is the best!

    • Hi Zoe, so happy for you too getting yourself the TH Seoul dvd!

      You think its possible to at least share with us here what transpired during the show considering the situation he was in at the time? Did he talk about it in any way? I understand it was a very emotional event.

      Cant wait to hear from you Zoe – will be waiting…. Thanks and best regards.

      • Hi, Baby! Thanks! 🙂 He didn`t actually talk about that so much. He started to talk about that in the second part of the concert. He said he thought 2015 would be a good year for him, but it turned out differently. He was grateful to eels for giving him courage to keep going forward. Before the concert the leader of Withus (dancers) said something like ” Let`s do this so Keun Sukkie can have a good time.” (We can see that part in the “making the DVD”-movie. ) So Sukkie mentioned that, and said that he was having a great time. He said he was healthy and still had many plans, and eels didn`t need to worry about him.

        And then he and BB sang “Driving to the highway” (acuostic version) together with the audience. When they finished eels started to shout: ” Jang Ken Suk, Jang Keun Suk… ” That part was very emotional. I get goosebomps just thinking about that.

        CriJ made cards with message: “you=I=we” (in korean), and almost everyone had them. There is a short interview with Sukkie after the concert in “the making the DVD” part. He said in that interview that he was very touched by that, because he could feel concern, affection and support from eels.

        It was probably a difficult period for him, but I think he managed to forget that for the moment. Sukkie looked like he had a lot of fun during the concert. And he was handsome, witty and amazing like always.

      • Hi again Zoe! Thank you so much for responding – i really love your Sukkie story telling episode.

        You are the EELs’ best angel – second and only next to Tenshi hehehe… Kidding aside, its nice having you around as well. Always being there ready to generously help out whenever our dear Tenshi is too busy to answer our endless JKS longings. Will be forever grateful Zoe!

        Again and again take care and warmest regards!

      • Hi! I bought it trough his official fan club CriJ. It was possible to preordre it in February. It will be possible to buy it in his Zikzin Shop in Tokyo from tomorrow. It`s “all region” DVD, and have english subs. 🙂

        My pleasure, Malice. I could talk about Sukkie all the time. 😀

      • Do online store doesnt have that DVD like on YesAsia? or it was only available for crij members. Sorry to ask you again Zoe 🙂

      • Hi Mhey! 🙂 No, YesAsia, doesn`t have it. I`ve just checked it.

        Tree J have made that DVD, and the number of copies is limited. I don`t think online shops will sell it. But I don`t know it for sure. That happend with Propose DVD (Sukkis fan meeting in Seoul in 2014). It was made by Tree J, and it was sold only trough CriJ, and in his Zikzin Shop in Tokyo.

  2. I echo Daryl Lade’s wishes that you and those you love are all well! You all are in our thoughts an prayers –

  3. on this day! = On May 29th! He interviewed our Sukkie. Such nice. Thank Mr. DJtaba.

    I LOVE His pic! nice friendship


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