21 thoughts on “[Pics-2] JKS returned from Sapporo to Incheon after CRI SHOW III_20150520”

  1. Because you did not answer my previous comment, I comment again .. 🙁
    Hi Tenshi ..
    How are you? I have another question:
    Honestly it was not too long that I know Suki. A few days i am looking for non-stop 4 series but can not find it.can You help me to be able to see the series? Pleaseeeeee.T_T
    It should be a fun series. So I want to see it
    … so thank♥♥

  2. I love the natural and simple look on him. It’s my favorite! No make up a man doesn’t need make up. Suki doesn’t need make up he did solo handsome omg!

  3. Anyone recognize his thick and super big ears his ears telling his future,prosper and he will live a happy life and live more than 100 years also we all pray for him every chance we get ye ye ye

  4. i cant help to looked all these pictures again and again… i dont know why! hehe its just everyday i miss him even more… hope to see a lot of pics next week, the last crishow3 at tokyo 🙂

    • Me too, Mhey! Ha has a mask, and looks serious, but I still can`t stop watching them again and again. 🙂 Sukkies Lotte Duty Free FM in Seoul is on 30th May. Hope we can see some photos after that too. 🙂

      • Hi,

        May i know, how do you know the schedule when jks will make public appearance? thanks in advance .. 😉

      • Hi Sam! You can find his schedule here on JKS forever too. Look under the Categories on the top of this page, and click on Schedule. 🙂

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