5 thoughts on “[Pics-1] JKS returned from Sapporo to Incheon after CRI SHOW III_20150520”

  1. My my my … do you guys see this? An incredibly huge crowd converging all together for a very mere fleeting JKS airport send off (this is neither by any chance a JKS fan meeting nor a mini impromptu concert for that matter, right)???

    It really never ceases to amaze me how a Korean Jang Keun Suk could have the privelege of having a constant tremendous reception from the people of Japan ( his popularity back there – you once called it) everytime he gets there. He’s not even a hollywood star – mind you!

    Hi there dear Tenshi. Could you please tell us then, what is it about Sukkie that makes Japan love him endlessly? What does Japan see in his person getting him to be the recipient of your overwhelming support- treating him almost like your own…..

    Please note that everything didnt happen gradually but turned out to be an unexpected phenomenon instead as Sukkie himself has claimed time and again. Hence, ” The Center of the Korean Wave, Im Jang Keun Suk ” a KBS Documentary 2012 was born, remember? The project i think was produced and collaborated in South Korea, though.

    Come on Tenshi please take the floor. You know what, im in the office and supposed to be working but see what im so busy doing right now. Aah sorry cant really help but wonder about that Sukkie effect thing…

    Many many thanks and warmest regards!

  2. Note:

    Wait – what i was saying on the ist sentence of the 4th paragraph here was unexpected overnight phenomenon. Sorry the word OVERNIGHT was mistakenly omitted before.

    In other words, even Sukkie at the time could hardly believe his instant rise to superstardom. He may have been long struggling to reach that elusive little STAR of his dreams when suddenly – all in a wink of an eye that very same STAR was right there before his very eyes – right within his reach and turning his world upside down. Massive popularity in Japan ( he will be forever grateful no doubt) just happened so fast and somehow seemed to have been too much for him to handle during those days…

    Anyway, to cut it short he was able to survive and get through it (with flying colors) and that brings me back to my questions Tenshi…. hehe

    • Since we’re still anticipating for the most awaited answers here, can i just say something more.. Please bear with me. 😉

      Let me also reiterate that Sukkie himself once in a chatty mode during his fan events would sometimes talk about his life in general… how boring his life could be without any challenges in the process. He definitely does not like it that way – not in the world in Sukkie’s character. And we all know it. He is very much aware of the roads and the hills he has chosen to take. That rough and bumpy roads other than the smooth flat ones will always be part of the whole package. Its just a matter of how he learns dealing with it in a positive manner.

      As talented-smart- competitive as he is, our dear Jang Keun Suk appears to be doing just fine… Well, we just happen to deeply care about him, too… I wish him the best of health, safety and most of all God’s blessings all the time… ZIKZIN!!!


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