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Jang Keun Suk’s concert ended!! I heard he calls female fans ‘eels(UNAGI)’ and male fans ‘male eels(UNAO)’. I became a male eel (UNAO) all at once. I’ve become a big fan of him! I even visited his back stage. He’s really a nice guy.
チャングンソクさんのLIVE終了!! ファンの女性の肩を「うなぎ」。 男性の肩を「うなお」と呼ばれるみたいでして、 一気に「うなお」になりました。 大ファンになりました! 楽屋にもお邪魔しました。 素敵な肩でした。

tenshi_akuma’s note: He seems a Japanese comedian, but honestly I don’t know him. He was invited JKS show by his acquaintance.

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  1. That is the thing about Jang Keun Suk, if you give him a chance, he will show you he’s a real person. And you can’t help but respond to the warmth of his smile & his beautiful heart.

  2. I honestly love and adore this Sugar man. Just look at his smile and that forehead, you will understand how Unagis and Unaos fall for him. He looks so tiny like a child in this photo. One always feel like hugging him, mwaaaahhh!!!

  3. Impossible not to fall for this man! I always love to see other celebrities who become instantly enthralled with our Prince– proves how magnetic he is! Anyone who takes a moment to see his kind, hardworking, smart, and fun-loving nature will always become his fan!

  4. As everyone said he is irresistable – one cannot be indiferent to his warmth talent and the serious devotion to the trade and fans . However, I long for the colourful jang keun suk . Monochrome in my opinion leaves me in a sour mood I feel he wants the approval of being seen as a serious adult and politically too correct to japaneese music industry and that is bussines not art. Where is the fun gone? Where is the spontenaity of your youth jks? Monochrome mood and color is for people in their 40-50 don’t touch it yet . Love you very much and really appreciate your effords to acheavement but don’t take us monochrome please! All we want from you is just to have fun, cebal sukkie!

    • When a celebrity is as wildly popular as JKS is, it must be very difficult to balance the personal need to grow and mature against the need to continue to give your fans what they expect from you. He has told us that this past year has been full of emotional highs and lows, and I admire him very much for giving himself time to review his perspective on where he wants to go in his life and career and for sharing his feelings with his eels. When I see all of these photos of him, I don’t see a man who has lost his spontaneity – I honestly don’t think that he’s capable of loosing his spontaneity! Instead, I still see an imp full of mischief, a regular guy having a blast with his friends, and a man full of love and passion for his chosen field. With Monochrome, though, I also see a recognition and acceptance of the introspective side that we all have, and through these more introspective songs I believe that he is sharing a more complete version of JKS with his eels.

    • Hi Yaffa, the concept of Monochrome is not to be seen as a serious adult of politically correct in the Japanese industry. It is a representation of JKS’s inner thoughts and the position where he is now, yeah he has grown up over the years.
      However despite the monochrome concept, his world is not monochrome at all particularly his cri-show3. He took me on a journey of fun, joy, tears and many touching moments. There will be a DVD coming out soon, strongly recommend you to buy it. And previously there was an interview on his monochrome album if you haven’t read it. Cheers!


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