20 thoughts on “[2015-04-29] @Galssam2 twitter”

  1. Hi Tenshi,

    How are you? I see an old picture and video were posted here. How is Sukkie? Is he really back yet in Korea from Shizouka? Why didnt we get any glimpse of his airport departure and eventually his arrival this time? I miss that badly!!! What is going on? Isn’t that a bit unusual? Is he doing good? Is he safe? Are we missing something here, Tenshi?

    • Suk was already back to Korea. After Shizuoka show, he had a private holiday in Japan, so we didn’t post the arrival pics. He looked tired then after he had great time. Don’t worry.

  2. hello, so nice photo, i adore both of them BB & JKS. but why no way to communicate them directly. and how can i be one of JKS fan club? thank you

    • About JKS official fan club CRI-J accepts the membership only once a year. When the registration time comes, we announce here the detail, so please wait until then.

      • I`ve just seen a photo of him laughing. Looks like he was on a party, or maybe in a restaurant with friends this weekend. He looks happy.:) And than yesterday was a photo of him on some kind of picnic with friends in a park in Seoul. Love to see him, but feel a little bit guilty at the same time, because they were taken without his permission.

        He probably goes to school, and works on some projects we will see later. CS3 in Kobe is next weekend. Looking forward to hear more about him this week. I miss Tenshis updates and comments here too. 🙂

      • We don’t share the pics and videos secretly in his private te to protect his personal life. Please understand our policies. Thanks.

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