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  1. I”m glad that you are happy eat what ever you want you make all of us your eels very happy thanks our Princejks

  2. Cheers JKS !!! And almost all the updates would not have been possible without the untiring effort of Ms Tenshi – we really appreciate it…. Would you also know and share to us how the concert went here at Okayama. By the way, may i also ask what took it a little bit while before this latest update? 🙂

  3. Just curious Ms. Tenshi – i hope you dont mind my asking…. His concert updates are usually posted right after JKS performance or that same night itself? Thanks!!!

    • Sorry for my late reply. About his updates, I can’t say it clearly. Sometimes no updates after the show. Before they updated before and after the show, but recently not. So we can’t expect it as a routine, but we are lucky that they keep updating after the show these days 🙂

      • Hey, helloooooooo again! was not aware that there was a reply from you after all…. never thought about you having to go back to couple of days old post and
        still have it answered. Yay, how you that – again just curious.

        do you sort of use this bookmark device? You really have to forgive my computer ignorance as i have already mentioned – poor me.

        Whoa, that is really something Tenshi! I sincerely admire your enormous dedication and tremendous support to JKS – everything and anything within reason of course just for this deserving lovable Shining Star…….

        Indeed, so very GRATEFUL!!! Please keep it up and dont ever waver.

        Hoping you still get to find and read this reply because it really matters a lot.

        Always take good care.

  4. thanks for the update, really glad to see him very happy..he deserve to pamper himself after the hard work he have done.. Congratulation to our prince. looking forward for next updates of his concert today..thank you so much.. ^_^

      • Nadia, have you just fallen for him? I have fallen for my Sugar more than 5 years now. He did have his ponyo baby belly from time to time. It is well known that he hates exercises so we always tease him. Now he is getting on and has lost that baby belly, I think.

      • I did Sudie…he is so charismatic and I see the genius talent in most things hi does …
        I can admit “I fell in the trap” …ha-ha..
        I just wish he have English songs…not just words here and there…but I guess that is popular in Korea
        …and ..yes you are funny..

  5. Hi Jang

    am a big fan of yours. i have watched the dramas Your’e beautiful, Love rain, Pretty man
    Mary stayed out all night , i just love u , i love ur smile , ur eyes and ofcourse, ur
    personality as well as acting.

    am a indian woman, but i still cant stop loving u.
    and i would like you with Park shin hye, u both look pretty when u r together. i would love that u both should get married. bcoz i love park shin , she is very beautiful

    keep acting and i would love u forever.

  6. hi Jang

    One more thing in india also u r famous. am a working woman and i travel in train to work
    my all friends are big fan of yours, i just collect ur images from net and i love watching u

    i am really in love with u.

    sweet kisses


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