12 thoughts on “[2015-04-02] Tree-J twitter”

  1. So cute… really miss him.. thanks for the translation dear Tenshi.. I will edit my translation in my page 🙂

    • yes he is very cute, me too i wish could watch him live even just once. a dream that someday it will happen,haha. ^_^

      • It´s not impossible, Bethsky. I have been trying to convice my family to travel to Kobe in May, but I haven’t succeeded yet. Maybe you and I should travel together next time he has a tour. 😉 😀

      • yes zoe, there is no impossible if we believe that it will happen,haha. i love your idea, let’s go together to his next tour 🙂 😉

      • Yes, Dream On, Girls
        Dream until your dream comes true!Even I, who know, I don´t have any chance or way to go to his country, wanna dream that dream…

      • Hey Girls ! ” Zoe, Bethsky_06, Vivi and Rossie,
        Don’t forget me i’m with all 4 of you hhhhhhh
        who knows someday it will be true and we can gather two in one: Seeing him and seeing our fantastic band of jks forever 🙂

      • Haha…Ok, it´s a deal! 😉 Don´t ever forget our deal! 😉 😀

        He is on Fukuoka airport right now. I have just seen some pictures. So handsome in a black and white. So glad he doesn´t have a hood this time. Looking forward to see a lot of pictures later. 🙂

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