11 thoughts on “[2015-03-28] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. 9:41! It was probably too early in the morning for Sukkie. 😉

    It looks like there are people on the roof of the airport building, doesn´t it? It must be eels saying goodbuy to him.

    • Right. I heard about 1000 eels gathered to see him off even his flight was early in the morning. And many still stayed there to see his airplane taking off. He must have noticed them and took the pic.

      • Yeah..it’s the first time I saw pictures of his flight taking off…
        I think he was pleasantly surprised to see that many eels on the deck..nowadays people don’t tend to do that anymore…

        I wish to see many more of these “goodbyes” with our prince

      • Very proud of the blue eels!
        After all these difficulties, this will give him a boost of energy and will permit him to increase his self-confidence again !

  2. Impressive! I love Japanese Eels! They love and respect so much our Prince. Thanks Tenshi for this wonderful pic!


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