27 thoughts on “[Pics-1] JKS in L’inoui Korea”

  1. thanks for sharing,the photo with backpack was took recently??he is so adorable, the style is awesome.He is the king of fashion.. 🙂

  2. hi eMskie good job thanks!!! your vote would have counted n we r only allowed ONE precious vote each!!! overnight & throughout today he’s gone up to 2800 now!!!he has overtaken Li Min Ho who is now in 6th place, our prince is in 5th.
    Park Si Hoo 11,568
    Kim Hyun Joong 5,826
    Kim Jae joong 2,933
    Ji Chang Wook 2,894
    JKS 2,801
    LMinHo 2,782
    CMON EELS we can do this!!! JKS cant do it all alone can u all share with ur friends n fellow eels of all regions of the world?? pls do! for March i guess it closes end of the month. palli palli!!!


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