[Pic] JKS with his hairstylist_20150313

This photo seems to have been taken before CRI SHOW III Osaka on March 13th.

Original source: soonsoohan Instagram
Performance in Japan finished nicely. Fighting.
Let’s complete April, May and June performances in a cool way as well as this time!
#Jang Keun Suk #Keun-chan #Actor #Hallyu

일본공연 멋지게 마무리하고 화이팅ㅋ
4.5.6 공연도 멋지게 마무의리 하자!

4 thoughts on “[Pic] JKS with his hairstylist_20150313”

  1. He will probably travel to Japan on Wednesday. Hope to see a lot of pictures and videos again. And hope that he´ll release one more MV. We have seen only Hidamari this time. Hope that he´ll release a video of him singing on CS3-stage. 🙂

    Cri Show III Fighting!!! 🙂

    • I love that song too. Love the sound of acustic guitar, especially the part when Sukkie sings “tick tack… Maybe they should take one of upbeat songs this time, like Road race or Before dawn. Actually any song from Monochrome would be ok for me. They could just film him singing a whole song on the CS3 stage. It would be amazing. 🙂 We are not difficult. 😉


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