4 thoughts on “TV news on HS Media press conference”

  1. thank u very much for the subtitle:x

    Aphrael-ssi, are you planning to attend Shanghai FM this July? I know that u r Chinese, so would you please tell me how to book the vip ticket? I want to meet our prince face by face, please help me, thank u.

    • I’m not going to Shanghai FM, but will post ticketing information since there is interest.

      Shanghai FM ticketing information is not out yet, though be aware that China, Taiwan and Japan are countries where tickets sell out in a matter of hours. You really have to be fast in order to grab a ticket. Do you know Chinese? MAYBE Sukbar may be organising mass ticket purchase, where a ticket is more guaranteed, but you’ll need to liaise with them in Chinese and possibly incur bank transfer cost as well.

      • yes, I know Chinese. So would you please give me your email or QQ or MSN bz I wanna ask some important things.

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