[Teaser-2] JKS in ‘VOGUE JAPAN’ April issue (with text translation)

English translation: tenshi_akuma (From 1:05~)

VOGUE JAPAN readers. Hello from Korea. I’m Jang Keun Suk. My new album ‘monochrome’ will be released on February 25th. You’ll find my new aspects of my character in it. I hope you will listen. And the concert tour starts in March. Please look forward to it, too.

2 thoughts on “[Teaser-2] JKS in ‘VOGUE JAPAN’ April issue (with text translation)”

  1. Aamazing person,one of a rare kind yes my Princejks can do it all acting,modeling,singing,dancing and his handsomeness with that powerful charming voice he have it all,thanks GOD to send this perfect man to us .

  2. Oh, so the photoshoot took place in Korea. Thank you as always for the translation, Tenshi. 🙂

    Hope he will be a guest on many TV-shows in Japan. Always love to see his interviews in front of the camera.


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