[Music] English translation of the lyrics “淡い雪のように (awai yuki no yoh ni; Fragile like snow)”

Lyrics: Kon Mayumi
English translation: tenshi_akuma

It started to snow.
The snowflakes melted on your cheek.
For me, the drop looked like your real tears.

I was sure that my confession of love to you would sour our relationship.
I convinced myself that keeping our relationship as it is must be the best for us.

However, once I hold your cold hand,
my repressed feeling can’t be hidden anymore.
I feel my shivering cold fingers grow hot with that.

I thought that if I touched you, you would be melted because of my passion.
Nevertheless, I pulled you into my arms all of a sudden.
My unstoppable love is fragile like snow.

My long-term wishes were as pure as white snow,
which covered our past tracks.

Even if the warmth of you that I’m feeling now only lasts for a little while,
I still believe you’re feeling the same.
Am I right?

I hugged you who are sensitive to the cold.
And I kissed you, feeling your exhaled cold and white air.
I feel your wet lips heat.

I hope this won’t disappear like snow that melts silently.
We, gazing at each other now, are fragile like snow.

I thought that if I touched you, you would be melted.
I thought that if I confessed my love to you, our relationship would be broken.
But now, our passion is melting the past.

I hope you will keep being with me when the next season comes.
My overflowing love won’t stop even it’s fragile like snow.

furi hajimeta yuki ga
kimi no hoho de toketa

sono sizuku ha marude
namida mitai ni mieta

kitto kimochi tutae tara
sotto koware sona ki ga shite ta

konomama de ii hutari no kyori
so omotte ta

samugari na kimi no te wo toreba
osaete ta kimochi ga afurete ku
sono kajikamu yubi ni netu ga nagarete ku

furete simaeba tokeso datta
kimi no kata wo fui ni dakiyose ta
moh tomerare nai omoi wa
awai yuki no yoh ni

furi tumoru negai wa
dokomade mo shiro ku

furi kaeru futari no
ashi ato wo keshi ta

ima kanjiru nukumori ga
honno wazukana aida demo

kimi mo onaji kimoti de iru
ne, so da ro?

samugari na kimi wo dakishime te
shiroi iki wo kasane kiss wo shita
sono nureta kuchibiru netu wo obite yuku

oto mo naku tokeru yuki no yo ni
kiete shimawa nai de to negatte wa
ima mitume ae ba futari wa
awai yuki no yoh de

furete simaeba tokeso datta
tutae tara kowareru to omotte ta
ima futari no netu ga kako wo tokashi teku

tugi no kisetu ga otozure temo
doka kawara nai de soba ni i te
mada furi yamanai omoi wa
awai yuki no yoh ni

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19 thoughts on “[Music] English translation of the lyrics “淡い雪のように (awai yuki no yoh ni; Fragile like snow)””

    • sis Jessica, agree with you.

      The lyrics are so beautiful and romantic. I wish JKS can sing ballad version of this song, too. When JKS sings ballad songs, I can hear his beautiful voice better than his fast songs. Though, I do like some of his fast ……but I thought the meaning of this song is sooooo fitting for his deep melting ballad voice.

      I wonder if he will consider singing this song at FM or Concert the ballad version….

  1. Domo arigatou, Kaori-chan! The lyrics are so sweet and I love the song already! It’s so much his style <3. can't wait for the mv and the whole 'Monochrome' album! Prince JKS, daebak!

  2. Thanks tenshin for translation.I think in this poem can be felt warmth and love.
    By reading these poems, I feel good and I know this feeling will be double the jks sound.
    Thank you so much.

  3. This is beautiful lyrics. I wish JKS will sing the slow romantic ballad version too. When he sings ballad I can hear his beautiful voice better than fast song.

  4. Thanks Tenshi, I know how hard it is to translate these poetic lyrics.. but I really get the feeling of this. I now can imagen how happy the lyricist is that Suk sang this song..and she found it excatly how she ment it…Now I can embrase this new song evenmore…because it was really ment as a happy and hopeful song.. I find it J-pop-ish..a little like Smap? and a bit of Rock..

  5. Thank you, Tenshi. I love it even more now when I understand the meaning. The lyrics are beautiful.

    I wouldn’t change a thing. Love Sukkies voice, the lyrics, the tempo, the guitar sound… I would say it´s a sort of rock song. Can´t wait to see the music video.

  6. The lyrics is so romatic and meaningful, even it was sang by fast tune it’s really nice. I really love this song,. I’m very excited for the whole album.thanks ms.tenshi for translating this lyrics. It’s so wonderful ^_^

  7. Superlike,I love the lyrics.Its melt my heart already.May this song and this album gonna hits #1.Success be always be with U, God bless U (Jang Kuen-Suk).Fighting!


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