[Pics] JKS with Kim Jisoo (STAIN BOYS)_20141103

Original source: http://instagram.com/diin_of_stainboys/

STAIN BOYS, Kim Jisoo took a photo with Jang Keun Suk after TEAM H party in Japan on November 3rd, 2014. He seemed to find this in his album yesterday and shared it on his Instagram 🙂 STAIN BOYS joined TEAM H 3rd album ‘Raining on the dance floor’, making some songs ‘As time goes by’ and ‘Still working’. He also took some photos with BB and his partner as STAIN BOYS, Kim Jung Woo.


8 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS with Kim Jisoo (STAIN BOYS)_20141103”

  1. I love to see him doing ordinary things like this, waiting to pick up his luggage at the conveying belt, taking photos with friends. This is another side of my Sugar that I hardly see. Thanks Tenshi for following and sharing. Just love this ordinary extraordinary Jang.

  2. hi all how are you? please i need to connect with JGS directly is anyone help me to reach him ? please if yes tell me to send my e-mail. i adore JGS

    • Hi, sis. I hope you’ll understand our comfortable relationship with him. We eels are just his fans. Direct contact is not always welcome. So please try to find the best way to support him. We’re lucky that we have many ways to feel him close. You can leave your comment to him if you’re the official member of CRI-J 6th. You can send a letter to his office, too. Thanks for understanding.

  3. dear i have no way to connect with him. for this reason i asked u about anyway let me connect with him. am far away of korea am lebanese girl. so please help me dear. and how i can send a letter to his office. thank you

  4. Thanks tenshi for sharing these photos, they are so cool and handsome. How’s prince JKS today? aside from his album this feb and the cri show coming March, is there any good project coming for him like dramas and movies? Hope we can watch him again in dramas and movies. I miss him so much on screen ^_^


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