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Past, Present, and Future…
Which one is most important among them?

Details will be forthcoming shortly.

tenshi_akuma’s note: Yesterday JPN FC website posted this special page link, but still we don’t know the further info. The question reminded me of his past tweet and LINE on September 10th, 2013. We eels exchange our idea, too. Until the detail is out, please re-read them and ready for the official announcement 😉
[10.09.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS Twitter
[10.09.2013] Jang Keun Suk LINE
[Question] Which one is most important among the past, present, and future?

9 thoughts on “[flash news] JANG KEUN SUK SHORT FILM DVD ‘CAMP’”

  1. I love news like this. He has directorial talent which must be enhanced. My dream for him is to win in Cannes for a short indie film in collaboration with his eels. He can do it. He has the talent for it. I am sure too that his eels have script writing skills – there is someone out there who can outdo the known scriptwriters in K-drama.

    For me, his present decisions will bring him to the future.

  2. Today is a present (gift) for myself!
    I will have to prepare for the future (upgrade myself)
    And the past is well kept in the shelf where I can refer to like a reference book.

  3. Thank you Tenshi for always give us extra information. It really could be something he filmed in September 2013. The picuture could be from autumn 2013. Remind me of his Ferrino-pictures.

    I´m curious to know what this is. Hope we will find out more soon. Hope we can see “Camp” too.

    Love the picture btw. Long hair and unshaved look. Super handsome! ♥


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