[Audio] JKS message in radio program ‘U.K. BEAT FLYER’_20141013

English translation: tenshi_akuma
Hello, U.K. BEAT FLYER listeners! This is Jang Keun Suk. How have you been? I miss you. Recently I entered graduate school. So I’ve been studying hard. Meanwhile, I’ve continued holding concerts. As for me, Osaka is a meaningful place. For example, when I first started studying Japanese, my teacher was from Osaka. That’s why I’m more familiar with Osaka dialect than standard Japanese. So I feel an affinity for Osaka. In Japan I have my own bicycle. I bought it 2 years ago, but I’ve ridden it only once since then. So when I visit Osaka, I want to see my bike. Anyway, I have a Japan tour as a music unit TEAM H. Arena tour, Raining on the dance floor. In Kansai area, November 26 and 27, at Osaka castle hall. Everyone, please come to see us. There is a special event that we pick up two audience to the stage and dance together. We call it ‘attack’. Please look forward to our concert. See you then. Bye-bye from Jang Keun Suk!

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  1. Short but interesting message… though he is very busy with his career he never stop schooling, he is truly an inspiration to all of us especially to the youth. I’m so impressed how he manage his time despite his busy schedule. I am excited to see him riding in a bike once again.. Thanks for sharing and translating sis Tenshi 🙂

  2. Thanks Tenshi,for Mr Jang Keun Suk his life style he spending every second so meaningful,what a great handsome young guy,I throughly believe this’ll inspiring other young kids,loving him is priceless

    • so beautiful said… loving him is priceless…
      especially knowing he really love his eels too and wants the very very best for them

  3. Thank you so much for the translation. What would we do without you, Tenshi?

    His theacher was from Osaka, and he wants to see his bicycle in Osaka… So cute and charming.♥ He has melted many hearts in Osaka with his message. 😉

      • Yes, he is just like that, Mamacri. And he always looks like he has best time ever when he is on a stage or in a show. Always appreciates the attention he gets every place he goes, and our love and affection.

  4. Thanks a lot Tenshi. Thinking of him as a young ordinary man who loves and enjoys leading a normal life is so touching. He always touches our hearts with his very simple dreams. I wish he could spend one morning or evening riding his bikes in Osakah, or Hokkaido. Can we arrange am event that we bike with him through the city. We eels could be his body guards!!! I am sure the event could raise a big fund for charity work.

    • Hhhhhhh
      dear Sudie, what a brilliant and good idea ! although i don’t know how biking because I am a very fearful person, but i will find a way to do it ! no mater what happens!!!

  5. Thank you Tenshi for the translation. He speaks japanese but you speak jangkeunsukish hahaha you understand everything he says, writes or thinks as if you were born in JKSland! Thanks a lot, sincerely. I appreciate your hard work and dedication!


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