[2014-10-13] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

TYPEn… www

Oh, well… TYPHon. -_-

tenshi_akuma’s note: He tried to tweet ‘typhoon’ in Japanese. Actually the correct Japanese of typhoon is たいふう, but we Japanese eels love to see his such a cute creative word ^^ His scheduled flight was cancelled because the plane that he would board didn’t arrive at Fukuoka airport and went back to Seoul because of the typhoon. Anyway, he’s now safe. Eels are relieved. 😉

Sooooooooooooooo delicious!!

tenshi_akuma’s note: He went to eat ramen at ‘元祖 長浜屋(ganso-nagahamaya)’. The lucky shop staff got his autograph on their T-shirt.

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  1. He still in Japan tanshi or he’s in Korea..I think he’s still in Japan now and not arrive to Korea because he’s flight was postponed.he he he..and back to Fukuoka? Because supposedly he’s flight early this morning going to Seoul but he didn’t arrive because he’s flight was postponed..If I’m not wrong hehe

    • He’s still in Japan. He was back to hotel after his flight was cancelled because of the typhoon. So he is safe now. BB and dancers already arrived in Korea because they boarded in the morning. Conditions change minute by minute. Safety first always.

      • Sukkie doesn’t like early flights. 😉 Hope that everything goes well with people in that part of Japan. Hope the weather will be better soon. Thank you, Tenshi.

  2. Tenshi, I hope you are doing fine with Vongfong visiting Japan. My Sugar is not the early bird type so his flight was postponed. At least he had a good time having the noodle and entertaining the people around him as always.

  3. At least my baby had deliscious and very inexpensive ramen I might say…and had fun encounters with a lot of japanese people.. so lucky staff of ramenshop..a T shirt to keep forever..
    Eels will be swamping the place now

  4. Thank you sister Tenshi for all the information about our prince! What would we eels do without you? That ramen shop soooo lucky! I wish I could be there! Stay safe and please keep us informed. 🙂


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