[2014-10-12] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

イロケ(이렇게) = こんなに(Like this)

tenshi_akuma’s note: Jang Keun Suk said a lot this Korean (이렇게) in today’s TEAM H stage. So he tried to explain it to Japanese eels. It’s funny but we have homonym イロケ(이렇게) in Japanese. イロケ [Iroke] means 色気 (sexiness) in Japanese. That’s why many non-Japanese eels were confused when they used Google trans to understand his tweet. “Was he talking about sexiness? sex appeal??” Lol.

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    • He didn’t say anything about sexiness or sex appeal. As I explained above, there is a Japanese word that sounds the same as sexiness (イロケ, 色気). So non-Japanese eels were confused with using Google translation.

  1. Thank you a lot for your explanation. One sound or one letter could change significantly the meaning of a word . It could happen to anyone, even to a native speaker,even when they think they know the language perfectly. I,once again, reached the conclusion that Google translate is not a trusty tool. But I find very difficult to learn Korean or Japanese language.

  2. Thank you, Tenshi. I understand it now. Google confused me too. He wrote “iroke” with japanese signs. LOL.

    It´s not the first time he writes a korean word with japanese signs. He has done it before. Maybe he wanted to confuse us. He knows that eels use google translation. LOL

  3. Hahahaha very funny! That´s what I love him hahahah he is unique. Thanks Tenshi for your explation you are indispensable for us.


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