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Urgent meeting

Our ‘Attack’ (event in Nagoya) failed…
But we’ll try it again in Fukuoka. ROFL


tenshi_akuma’s note: Actually he intended to make an impressive stage with eels, picking up some from the audience when TEAM H performs hip-hop sound part. But his original intention was not accepted by eels in Nagoya. I don’t think it was from jealous feelings. I think we were just shocked to see his sexy dancing with eels for the whole song ‘Gold Digger’. Personally I think doing in the 1st part of the song is OK, but the whole song is too long, too much for us. He described the experience on the 2nd day “I felt eels to be frozen. I’ve never felt so. I was really shocked, too.” TEAM H stage is always very hot and we dance and sing energetically. But the yesterday’s atmosphere was totally different. Eels’ mood became the lowest ever. So he discussed with the staff and how to improve the ‘attack’ stage. At the end, he selected 2 males from the audience and danced with them sexily. After the ‘attack’ part he told us “How dare should I dance with a man sexily? Can you imagine? I feel a bit sick! I intended to attack eels, but in reality I was attacked by eels!” We laughed a lot. But he seems to continue another ‘attack’ in Fukuoka. kkk He’s still naughty. Let’s wait and see!

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  1. Thank you so much for you explanation, Tenshi! I have read some comments about “cold atmosphere” during the first “attack”, but I didn´t fully understand what that was about. I´m really curious now about those dances. Hope that some of that will be on the DVD.

    Did you attend both Nagoya concerts, Tenshi? I hope we can hear more about it, if you were there.

    I like how he instantly came up whit a new idea when he realized that the audience didn´t like the first attack. Sukkie is the best.

  2. Very funny 😀 If I were there I would be green with envy definitely :)))
    Poor Prince that was forced to dance with a male fan 😀
    Looking forward to see what is his plan for the next attack, cuz he is so smart. I must be very shocking and exciting 😉

    • Well his ingenious tactic brought him a new Meelprotein…this 20 yr old man who came only because of his mother was one of the two lucky men…from there on he totally understood TEAM H movement…LOL

  3. Yeah in America is different about that the atmosphere gets hot when a sexy singer dances with woman, the prince changed the idea because he is very clever and he understood the audience


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