[How to watch] Jang Keun Suk appearance on ‘Muse Dress’ live online (Sep 27th)

Shared by Wen Lee from ECI
Previously reported, Jang Keun Suk (TEAM H) appeared a Chinese TV program ‘女神的新衣 (Muse Dress)’. Finally the airing date has been fixed.
Usually it starts at 21:15, but last week was 21:25, so please keep an eye on it. They usually have the full video available online a few hours after the show. I just provided the links for those who can’t wait & want to watch live online.

*The links for ‘Muse Dress’ live online (Sep 27th)

Note1: These words mean live broadcast: 直播
Note2: The Chinese TV channel showing Muse Dress is called 东方卫视 and the English name is DragonTV.
Note3: This is their official website. http://nvshen.dragontv.cn

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  1. For those who plan to watch, please test the link to get familar esp if you can’t read Chinese When you click any one of the link, it does not bring you straightaway to the correct channel. You may need to look for dragon tv or the chinese name to find the correct channel.


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