[ENG-SUB] NicoNico Beautiful Man (Bel Ami) summer festival_20140719

UPDATE: now hard-subbed one is available (Sep. 23rd)
Sorry, because of some technical system problems, it took a long time to complete the translation, but now you can understand it finally!

English translation: Hazy Lee, Wen Lee, Jacqueline Tan, and tenshi_akuma; all from ECI

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  1. Omg thank you so much for this ..keep up the good work 😉 IU is so lucky to have sukkie under her command which is something most girls will dye for lol .. but she was obviously trying to play hard to get.bye choosing ljw over him at the start hehe. She is so lucky to have sukkie flirting with her all the time in front of all his fan girls which is exactly every eel dream lol. Sukkie was amazing he wad the star of the night and you dont have to be blind that most of the audience wax his fan girls . I wish we could see the night stage as well.

    • yes randa ! i thought it was so cute how sukkie kept flirting with IU , i was their and the same thing happend at the night stage! it makes me so happy to see them finally getting along togther ! and they actually look so cute toghter after this long time ! you can see that iu is really alot more comfortable with him now ! it so sad to see this now ! cuz they could have been magical if the damn drama give them the romance they deserves ! but like you said iu was playing hard to get . and sukkie was a bit jealous when she ate after lee jang woo so he did the same thing with the corn lol she is so lucky , and the ring present and all , its the first time i see sukkie this embaressed with a co_star cuz he is normally very close to them , but with IU he is always shy ! and she was even more lucky at the might stage cuz they made the scene where mate tells botong (i like you , no i love you ) from the drama live so the fans go crazy when sukkie said that which made IU really shy at the stage , and when the scene of mate finding he loves botong and sukkie walked up the stairs for botong the fans also went crazy ! i also wish i could see the next day stage so whever was at day 2 plz share some info with us 🙂

      • Alex you was there !!
        So happy for you and lucky you 🙂
        I always loved the Fans accounts even if it’s only a few words 😉

      • Thanks so much Alex, I enjoyed every word you wrote, thank you. And thank you ECI Team for your hard work. Alex you are so lucky! That´s good, I´m glad for you.

  2. Thank you so much for your hard work! 🙂 You are beautiful team ECI! 😉 I have really enjoyed watching it. It´s even better with translation.

    Sukkie is so natural in front of a camera. I know it´s about Bel Ami, and IU and LJW is there too, but JKS is like the sun, he overshines everyone else. I can see just him.

    Love the part where he folding clothes, so funny. Especially love his mini concert at the end.

    • As far as I understand this blog is run by Eels Club International and the common language for us all here is English. So unfortunately, you’ll have to learn English 🙂

  3. Waw ….It was very fun and amazing,
    i love the part when he said that Jang Woo’s singing is the second best among Korean actors and when he was asked who is the first he said you already know kkkkkk
    Our boy is very confident on his own skills 😉
    I love when he’s boyish kkkkk

  4. thanks for the translation and the video links! it’s so difficult to find his vids which are end subs…and…he should really keep this hair style…he’ll look so much younger!! looking really good!!! *hearts*

  5. Hi ladies from ECI , I still found this Video with no Eng sub , the first one was written hard sub but said this video is not available , but the second one was written soft sub but no English sub . The show last for almost two hours must be very interesting if we can understand what they are saying . Can any one help . I have seen the drama several times like it very much. The fan meeting must be very interesting ,wealth watching too.

    • Sis when u watch the video from YouTube, plz make sure to click on the CC button at the end, then only u can watch it with subs. 🙂

      This show is really very very interesting with subs. I have watched it several times. Specially the part where jks chose items for IU n describes a false love story, waaaahhh he talks so sweet. N where he imitated the movie “Mission Impossible” n his love letter for IU.. wowww,. He fits perfectly to any kind of show. ❤

  6. Hi, dear Priya, thx so much for your help and teach how to work out , I am watching it now again and understand what they are talking about , really enjoy watching very much our Prince was doing so well in the whole show. He is very natural, and playful no wonder all eyes are at him. Thx again sis Priya, I have mentioned before no other Fan club are so helpful to each other,it’s all bcx of our Love to JKS ,righ❤️❤️t! Byebye everyeels have a nice weekend


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