[article] JKS’ fans gave a donation to orphanage… “Both stars and fans are doing good”

Original source: Kstyle
English translation: Wen Lee from ECI

Jang Keun Suk and fans’ warm hearts and kind deed got into the news.
On 19th, JKS revealed on Twitter a photo of his official fan club Cri-J’s donation to Namsan Orphanage.
On 13th, JKS’ fans donated 16,200,000 Won to Namsan Orphanage. These were all the proceeds from the ‘2014 Photo Exhibition’ fans organised in celebration of JKS’ birthday. JKS expressed gratitude and included a photo. Worth mentioning is, this donation was not one-off. This is a kind deed of the fans who have been volunteers at Namsan Orphanage for 3 years.
On 29th this month, JKS will be an MC for the charity concert organised by his university’s alumni social club ‘Hanyang together’. Through ‘skills donation’, doing kind deeds with fans. (Note: ‘skills donation’ – using one’s skills & abilities to carry out voluntarily work.) (Note: 16,2000,000 Won is approximately US$16,200.)

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  1. How wonderful! This must have been mainly Korean eels. Who said he was not popular in his own country. This event has shown to those who said that it is not true. As I remember the donation has been done every year. It is the joint effort of Korean and international eels to do the good deeds for our Prince. Congratulations!!!


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