[Features] Jang Keun Suk Story ‘LIVE THE DREAM’ from Planet Dream

Original Source: http://storyball.daum.net/episode/5540
References: saddly0104, aloejks, @showerin twitter
English Translation by Springsuk_USA and tenshi_akuma

For those who keep having dreams


Actor Jang Keun Suk (28) speaks frankly about dream.
And also he conveys messages to the youth.


Dream is the source that brings a big power in my life.
Because of that, I live day by day.
Because of that, I try to have a new dream every day.
Because of that, I also try to listen to other people’s dreams.


However, surprisingly,
there are very few people who can stand up to speak out their own dream.
It’s your dream.
Who can speak it out if you don’t?
You need stand up for your dream.
And keep yourself dignified is more important than other people’s eyes who are trying to criticize the dream.


Stand up in front of dream.
Despite of other people’s eyes, stand up on your own.


This year is 22nd anniversary since my debut.
Somebody may think that I achieved success easily and quickly when I was young.
I myself know it very well.
That’s why I feel grateful for what I have got.
However, I’ve continued working hard to survive for the 22 years.
I also know it very well that not all people will really know these my efforts.


I’ve experienced a lot of failures and frustrations so far.
And I also have bitter memories that I was always exposed in the public eyes.
However, it was those experience that made me grow.


The life that I dream of should be ‘seen’ much higher, much bigger and much further.
I’ve believed so.
I think such my belief leads me to never giving up and keep running.


When I was about to stop walking, I compared fears.
For me,
the sense of loss that I would feel when I can’t realize my dream is more unacceptable than
the sense of fear that I imagine criticism and public opinion against me.


I should have my dream much higher, much bigger, and much further.

If I speak what I think right, and stand in my belief,
and also with backing of efforts and challenges,
I can realize anything. I believe so.


When I constantly take on challenges,
there is a moment that I feel so exhausted that I forget my goal and lose myself.
I admit that I discovered the emptiness that I would feel under such situations earlier than my age.
In order to overcome the emptiness,
I believe that setting a new goal and dream to reset is the only way to conquer my present self.


When you feel exhausted,
there is the only way to conquer your weary self.
“Set your new goal and dream”


Let’s have a dream to the fullest, putting all our strength.
Even though type of difficulties in each life is totally different,
whenever and however, we can change it again.
I want you to keep it in mind.
Even when you feel the world ignores and interferes your dream,
let’s fight it out to the end and raise your voice proudly.


“I’ve made it.
My dream is still alive.”



(Actor Jang Keun Suk)


Life. Way of life without regret. Throb. Passion. Heart. Acting. Heartbeat. Excitement. And I imagine.
I have a dream as always. No, I live my life.
Let’s live our dream. Live the dream.
For those who keep having dreams.

25 thoughts on “[Features] Jang Keun Suk Story ‘LIVE THE DREAM’ from Planet Dream”

  1. Thanks Springsuk_usa for this pics and planet dream, yes my PrinceJKS follow your dream never give up only give in we all eels will follow you to the end of this world loving you is a blessing from god each day you are making me the happiest person thank you my everything Mr Jang Keun Suk

  2. Thank you so much for the translation, Springsuk.:) Could you tell us what kind campaign is that? I have seen video om YT before, and have found their site, but the most of the text is in korean. Is it charity?

    Love pictures, and the message. We know that JKS always works hard to achieve his dreams.

  3. Thanks Springsuk for Tenshi for translating and uploading this beautiful message of our prince.. He is ever so inspiring…a man that believes in himself and not afraid for a challenge. He wants us to dream and achieve our dream(s) too…no matter how big or small…normal or outragous…it’s ours and we are the judge of the worth of that dream…
    Thank you Suk for reminding us again to fight and believe in that is authentically ours

  4. Thanks for sharing with us translation and pics.

    When you feel exhausted,
    there is the only way to conquer your weary self.
    “Set your new goal and dream”

    well said

  5. Yes he is such an is spiritual to me!! I suffered fromdepression a few years back until I meet him for the fist time in the drama ” you’re beautiful” since then he is my idol my inspiration. I love Jang Keun suk’s happines, he is so charismatic, so positive and full of energy. He is my inspiration and my dream!! I love you my prince!!

  6. And of course I have a dream: to get to know Jang Keun Suk in person, talk to him, shake his hand, look at his beautiful eyes, share words, laughter and happiness! That dream keeps my life going!!!

    • yes..these words are very inspirational for most who are already living in quit free spirited invironments…

      in his case these words spoken in his own inviromont is really very brave and I hope it empowers his young countrymen to be more individuals who dares to live their own unique dreams instead of following the crowd and eating only what is fed by ruling majority and unfounded criticism. not to be judgemental, harsh, or to bully or laugh at when people are different or have their own set of mind..instead encourage each other..
      Every being is ment to be uniquely beautiful in it’s own right, has his own set of talents and good and bad things..
      If humans where ment to look or behaved the same would we not have been created that way just like the rest of nature??
      Yes dare to dream and work hard to achieve your dream..set yourself in action
      A lot of dreams of mine are about to be achieved….thanks JKS

  7. Oh, that’s exactly what I’m doing when I’m feeling down: I set new goals and dream or better said, I “reset” my goals and dream. Oh, this man! I love him so much. His faith and determination give me strength and power to keep my head up… He really makes me dream and believe…Oh, my dear Suk, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  8. It’s true…not realizing the dreams is worse than criticisms and public opinion. This is really good advice for me. I worry about people too much.

  9. Awwww…..JKS is so full of wisdom and very wise man. I love love love reading his quotes about life and dreams or about anythings. I always amaze with his wisdom thinking (or views) every time I read his serious messages or quotes. Some people just born to so eloquently talented with words. JKS is one of those special people.

    I have been gathering and saving all his wisdom quotes for many years now….thru various interviews…etc. When I need inspiration when I feeling down, I always go read his wisdom quotes. And every time I read his quotes, I feel so energized.

    Of course, everyone should have at least ONE dream, big or small, does not matter!!!

    • dear kailey,
      could you share with us some quotes you gathered? i have copies of Words of jang Geun Suk 1,2 and 3 by ECI.

      Our prince is a truly admirable person in the way he thinks…his observations, aspirations, dreams…the way he faces and responds to challenges, the way he copes with obstacles and negative criticism…he is not afraid to speak his mind…i really admire his indomitable spirit…fighting, my prince! you have taught us to dream amidst the humdrum existence of everyday living..thank you!

  10. Thanks a lot Springsuk. This young man is really inspiring. I wish more young guys follow him and learn from him that life is not easy. It is up and down. You have fans and you also have anti-fans. There are times that you really feel that you have fulfilled your dreams, and times that your heart is breaking to pieces from bad words and cruel criticism. If you never give up, dreams will come true to you. It comes when it comes. All the best to my Sugar Prince.

  11. Dear Jang Keun Suk – please keep to be a positive inspiration to me, to your fans, and to all people who will encounter you.. as you help remind us of staying true to our hopes and keeping our dreams alive by fulfilling them no matter what, we, your fans will always be by your side to support you in fulfilling your dreams, no matter how long it may take.. Zikzin to us all!

  12. !Thanks Springsuk,
    Life is challenge……….meet it
    Life is dream…………….realize it
    Life is sacrifice…………offer it
    Life is love…………. ….enjoy it


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